• Tennis with Natalia Starr, Anyone?

    The French Open concludes this weekend and if you’ve been following it at all, you’ve no doubt developed a hard-on for the short skirts, sweatbands and erotic grunting of the female competitors.

    However, these three things can only get you so far. Trust us, we’ve tried to make ourselves cum to women’s tennis and it’s not enough. It can get you started but it can’t finish you off. Thankfully, Digital Playground had the foresight to film a tennis-themed porn video with the incredibly sexy Natalia Starr playing the tennis player of your dreams. It gets the job done. Trust us.  Continue Reading

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  • Topless Tennis

    sexy tennis player

    Tennis anyone?

    I’m a bonafide sports fan but for some reason I’ve never been able to get into tennis.

    You hit the ball, the other person hits it back, who cares?

    Tennis sucks but I’m willing to admit that topless tennis is pretty awesome.

    You’re probably asking yourself, “What is topless tennis?”

    It should be self-explanatory but if you’re not what it is, just watch this video:

    Why is it that you can take any stupid activity like tennis, make it topless and it suddenly becomes awesome?

    The magic of boobs, I suppose.

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  • Sexy Tennis Players

    Rosie Jones India Reynolds sexy tennis

    Rosie Jones and India Reynolds will get you excited for Wimbledon

    If our friends at didn’t post Rosie Jones and India Reynolds’s sexy new Wimbledon themed photos, I probably would have forgotten that Wimbledon was happening.

    But lucky for you did post India Reynolds and Rosie Jones posing as sexy tennis players, which has in turn inspired me to do a TOP 10.

    I think it’s fairly obvious what this Top 10 is.

    It’s our Top 10 Sexy Tennis Players in honor of Wimbledon. In many ways women’s tennis is the sexiest sport. Short skirts, visors, erotic grunting with every serve and return.

    Diehard fans of sexy tennis players should know that while there are plenty of professional sexy tennis players, this Top 10 of sexy tennis players isn’t just for the pros. It’s also for the posers.

    What do I mean by that? I mean that there are some sexy tennis players in this Top 10 who have only ever touched a tennis racket for the purposes of their sexy tennis photo-shoot but who cares? This is the Blog. Our focus is sex and all things sexy not tennis.

    Enough excuses, let’s get to the Top 10 Sexy Tennis Players already:  Continue Reading

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