• Is Rachel Starr Dating Mike Napoli?

    0011 Is Rachel Starr Dating Mike Napoli?

    Rachel Starr

    Pornstar Rachel Starr was in the news last week because she was spotted giving rapper Machine Gun Kelly a blowjob at a show in Dallas.

    This week she’s back in the news because of this tweet:

    And go to the game she did. Look at what she tweeted during the game:

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  • Watching Pornography Can Increase Strength

    As we all know, watching pornography is beneficial to our sex lives, our attitudes towards sex, our perception of the opposite sex, and our lives in general. But other than all those things, are there any other practical applications for pornography?

    348915 fit in all senses of the word 200x300 Watching Pornography Can Increase Strength

    Witness the fitness

    If you are honestly asking yourself that question, you are asking too much from porn. But don’t worry, your unreasonable request has been answered. A new study reported by Discover Magazine has shown that watching pornography can help men lift things.

    Scientists showed male weightlifters a variety erotic, funny, aggressive, motivational, sad, and neutral videos then measured salivary testosterone and their squat performance.

    Sad and neutral videos produced significantly lower testosterone levels in the saliva samples. Erotic, funny, aggressive, and motivational videos boosted the testosterone levels.

    The sexually-charged videos had a noticeable impact when it came to the squat performance. Weightlifters were able to lift heavier weights after viewing pornography.

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