The Canyons

  • Teaser for The Canyons released

    After a long summer of hype, we finally get a trailer for Bret Easton Ellis’s new movie The Canyons starring Lindsay Lohan and male pornstar James Deen.

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    October 9, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 352

  • Lindsay Lohan and Crew Strip for The Canyons

    Lindsay Lohan & James Deen filming for The Canyons

    Since The Canyons began production, not a day goes by where a story comes out about the movie.

    The neo-noir is written by Brett Easton Ellis (American Psycho) and directed by Paul Schrader (Hardcore), which is an exciting collaboration for real nerds.

    But it’s the pairing of professional party girl and part-time actress Lindsay Lohan and male porn star James Deen that has gossip hounds salivating over the set of The Canyons. Is it any wonder? The two leads are controversial choices and the only plot details available is that the film revolves around the dangers of sexual obsession among a group of twenty year olds in Los Angeles.

    The latest story to break from the set is by far the strangest.

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    July 31, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1277