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  • Tiffany Thompson’s New X-Art Scene!


    Tiffany Thompson’s back!

    Good news, guys! You can all ignore the post Where is Tiffany Thompson? from April 30th, 2013 where I discussed Tiffany Thompson’s status as an active porn / erotic video star.

    The conclusion I came to last spring was that she had retired and that it was all her boyfriend’s fault because why would I want to put the blame on a babe like Tiffany Thompson?

    Well I now have the great pleasure of letting you all know that I was wrong! Tiffany Thompson is not retired! Or maybe she was retired and is now making a comeback. Who cares?

    All I need to know is that there hasn’t been any new Tiffany Thompson videos or pictures in 2 YEARS but in spite of this, her old videos and pictures are consistently among the most popular on That’s because she filmed some of the best erotic videos ever with X-Art. Thank goodness there’s a new one for us to watch.

    To watch In For The Night starring Tiffany Thompson, you’ll have to visit But for the sexy pictures from Tiffany Thompson’s latest scene, just look below these words.  Continue Reading

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  •’s Videos of the Year 2013 – PART 2’s Videos of the Year 2013 has really been popping off!

    Everyone wants to see the most popular sex videos of 2013 and who can blame them?

    If you haven’t seen the 10 most popular sex videos of 2013 yet, check it out right now: PART 1.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to capitalize on the success of Part 1 by making a’s Videos of the Year Part 2! Because when one idea is a success, just keep doing it until the interest isn’t there anymore. Right?

    Rather than show you 11 through 20 of the most popular sex videos, I’m going to show you the Top 10 Least Popular Videos of 2013! (technically Bottom 10, I guess…)

    Why the least popular? Because I already checked them out and they’re great! I can’t believe you guys weren’t feeling these videos. It just goes to show you that you need to spend even more time browsing because they are some real gems hiding in some of those boards.

    Anyways,’s Videos of the Year 2013 – Part 2 starts now!  Continue Reading

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  • How To Use Your SmartPhone During Sex

    phone sex

    Who says looking at your phone isn’t sexy?

    Did you know that 1/10 Americans admit to using their cellphone to answer a call or text during sex?

    According to the 2013 Mobile Habits Consumer Study, it’s true!

    I love sex, but why should sex keep me from checking the Blog or a bunch of text messages that I will end up ignoring anyways?

    Just because you’re having sex doesn’t mean you should be forced to disconnect from the outside world. You might have better sex if you do, but this is America! This is the greatest country in the whole world (even if there is currently no government) and goddammit it is our duty as Americans to have our cake and eat it too. And then to keep the obesity rates high, we should eat another cake after having and eating the first cake.

    You can have it all! You can use your smartphone during sex! Just let me explain how you can use your smartphone during sex. Continue Reading

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