• How To Handle A Break-Up



    Break-ups aren’t easy. The trick to handling a break-up is allowing yourself to grieve and then find closure.

    How does one find closure post-break-up? Well, you could always get together with your ex once the wounds aren’t as fresh and talk about what went wrong. You could start seeing someone new. You could go on a trip or take a vacation. You could write a letter expressing all your frustration and never send. You could drink yourself blind.

    These are all viable options to get closure from a relationship. However, we should all try to handle a break-up like Detroit strip club mogul Alan Markovitz. He bought the house next to his ex-wife’s house and placed a gigantic middle finger on the patio as a constant reminder to his ex-wife that he hates her.

    Watch this report on how Alan Markovitz is handling his break-up:

    Good for you, Alan!

    Sure, if my ex-wife did this to me I would be super upset. However, whatever allows for closure in the relationship post-break-up is a good thing.

    The statue is quite beautiful to be fair. He could have chosen a much more obscene statue…


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  • Sexy Fall Fashion = Fur Coat and Lingerie

    We spend a lot of time here focusing on women taking off their clothes. So once a season I like to mix it up by giving you a sexy fashion tip. Because let’s face it, there’s more to being sexy than just having a killer body and a cool personality. There is an element of presentation that often gets overlooked when we talk about sexy.

    Presentation is key because it when done properly, you can arouse your partner visually.

    Think about it this way. If I asked you to make a choice between eating a steak dinner nicely arranged with all your favorite sides on a plate or out of a wooden trough, which would you choose?

    Personally, I would choose the trough because I’m a pig. But I’m guessing that you would choose the nice one because of it’s presentation!

    So what should you be wearing for the rest of the Fall season to maximize your sex appeal?  Continue Reading

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