• Alexis Adams Wins Twitter by Sharing Her Big Tits

    When Alexis Adams first arrived in the porn industry almost two years ago, her big tits totally knocked us on our asses.

    Two years later, we’ve come to expect great things whenever we see the name “Alexis Adams”. We also keep a bib handy because the name “Alexis Adams” has been known to cause us to involuntarily dribble all over ourselves because we can’t help but think about how sweet it would be to have one (or both) of her sexy tits shoved into our mouths.

    Needless to say, we’re huge fans of Alexis Adams’ porn videos and porn pictures. If only there was a way to see porn videos and porn pictures from Alexis Adams all the time, satisfying our many cravings for her all-natural mammaries throughout the day…

    If you feel the same way, we’ve got good news: Alexis Adams’ Twitter is basically a non-stop big titty extravaganza!  Continue Reading

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  • Sara Jay and Siri are Live-Streaming Their Promised World Cup Blowjobs

    Remember the World Cup?  No?  It’s that thing that all of those people were going wild about earlier in the summer.  That soccer thing.  Though there are some soccer fans amongst the staff at, most of us had a very specific reason for following the world’s biggest soccer tournament.  Fellow blogger Chico Dusty wrote a blog post about it earlier in the summer, but here’s the key point:

    Sara Jay and Siri promised free blowjobs to all of their Twitter followers if one of Germany, Brazil, the US or UK won the World Cup.

    #TeamBJ, as they’re known, cast the net pretty wide on this one, as there were pretty solid odds that one of these teams was going to walk away with the gold. And they did!  Germany ended up beating Argentina 1-0 in the finals, and beyond glory and good times for Germans everywhere, that means a bunch of free blowjobs are going to get given.

    Here’s the video of their promise, the video that got thousands of blowjob and twitter fans salivating:

    When is #TeamBJ of Sara Jay and Siri going to make good on their promise?  I’m glad you asked, because the answer is tomorrow!  And, even better, they’re live-streaming the whole thing!

    You can check out the live-streams at various different websites:, and  Now, if you’re not already a member on all of these sites, then what the heck are you waiting for, but also, you can catch the first 15 minutes of the live-stream for FREE at the following link:

    Now, here’s the really important part;

    If you want to check out the action after that initial 15 minutes (and trust me, you’re definitely going to want to) you’re gonna have to sign up for one of the above mentioned sites.

    Sara Jay had this to say about her #TeamBJ exploits:

    Having done one #TeamBJ in the past, it’s fascinating to see who actually shows up to collect. It is reality porn at it’s finest. Real guys hooking up with their dream porn star through twitter… while people watch!”

    Meanwhile, Siri offered her two cents:

    “I am genuinely excited. We won’t actually know just how many people will show up literally until the time of the event. It is personally thrilling and I hope my fans are as excited as I am.”

    I know I’m going to be tuning in, if only so I can be jealous and throw shade at all of the lucky bastards who are going to be getting free blowjobs for simply following Siri and Sara Jay on Twitter and becoming sudden soccer fans.

    In case you’ve been living under a porn rock for awhile, here’s why you should also be jealous that you’re not getting a free blowjob from one of these busty babes.  And if on the off chance you ARE going to get a celebratory soccer BJ, then be sure to let us know how the experience was.  Here’s Sara Jay and Siri at the cock-sucking finest:


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  • Sexy Selfies Make You Appear Less Competent and Attractive

    Bad news for all of the hot babes in the world who attempt to straddle the precarious line between online Instagram sexpot and fancy professional businessperson, according to a study published by a journal called ‘Psychology of Popular Media Culture.”

    Washington Post did a great job of summarizing the article, so you don’t have to spend your time like, actually learning about anything and can just skim the surface, picking and choosing the information you want to absorb.  That’s what I do all of the time and seems to work for me since I’m a genius or something.

    But here’s the gist; 50 women were provided with a Facebook profile picture of a girl doing a sexy selfie pose, and 50 people were provided a Facebook profile picture with the same girl in a more professional, classy pose.  The classy picture ranked higher across the board in terms of attractiveness (both physical and social) as well as presumed competency.

    There are about a million different problems with this study.  Continue Reading

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  • Will This Hashtag Convince You To Pay For Porn?

    If you follow your favorite pornstars on Twitter, I’m sure you probably noticed a high-volume of them tweeting the hashtag #PayForYourPorn.

    Though the hashtag is pretty self-explanatory, allow me to explain it anyway. It’s a campaign within the adult industry urging porn consumers to start paying for their porn rather than pirating porn for free.

    Let’s take a look at some of the participation in this porn industry hashtag activism:

    #PayForYourPorn became a movement shortly after actor and bad motherfucker Samuel L. Jackson made a joke about Redtube, a free internet porn site, at an Avengers press conference. Some pornstars saw his joke as a winking endorsement of pirated porn, which needless to say didn’t go over well.

    Coincidentally, when Jackson made his Redtube joke, the anti-piracy campaign was initiated by the company Adult DVD Empire, which, as a porn DVD retailer, has obviously been hard-hit by the widespread availability of free online porn, which spawned a website and PSAs from two of our favorite pornstars, Chanel Preston and Tasha Reign.

    Watch those PSAs below:

    “The fans don’t understand: we get paid once for shooting the scenes and that’s it,” says Tanya Tate. “The fans are like, ‘don’t you make money from the sales? Don’t you make royalties?’ And you’re like, ‘No.’ But you still want them to pay for your product, because you want the companies to keep going and keep hiring you to shoot for them.”

    The aim of #PayForYourPorn is simple. Get fans to stop thinking of porn as something they’re entitled to. That sense of entitlement is hurting those behind the content. Performers, producers, distributors, and crew members all suffer from porn piracy.

    Getting people to start paying for porn is not a modest task: Given how ubiquitous tube sites are, it’ll require nothing less than a total paradigm shift, let alone a modestly popular hashtag. “The majority of the porn-consuming public thinks of porn as something that has a baseline value of ZERO,” says the adult performer Siri, a vocal anti-piracy advocate who has embraced the #PayForYourPorn hashtag. “[…] We have to change people’s minds about porn, and convince them that adult films ARE valuable and it’s worth it to support those performers whose work they enjoy.”

    Of course, things get more complicated when you consider the fact that MindGeek owns most of the major studios as well as all the prominent tube sites.

    “In the mainstream movie industry, a company like Warner Brothers, if they saw one of their films on a tube-like site, they would immediately get their lawyers and get the scenes taken down,” Tanya Tate told the Daily Dot. “But in our industry, the big players are also the ones behind the tube sites. They’re the ones that direct where all the traffic goes.”

    So with that in the way, it’s hard to see how the smaller guys and the performers can make a change, since we only have to look at the Twisty’s Treat of the Year controversy to see how MindGeek feels about its talent (that they’re expendable).

    It’s easy to criticize hashtag activism, since it’s trying to implement real change on something that’s fleeting by nature. But then again, at least people are exposed to the issue.

    Honestly, I feel like the concept that porn should be free is so entrenched in the minds of people all around the world that its too late to change the minds of the vast majority. Of course, die-hards and the technologically inept will continue to pay for porn, but what about everyone else?

    Will you start paying for porn now that you know your favorite pornstars want you to?

    Do you feel any guilt knowing that when you torrent porn, you’re taking food out of the mouths of hard working pornographers?

    Just think about and discuss in the comments.

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  • Dan Bilzerian Threw A Pornstar Off A Roof

    Dan Bilzerian is a venture capitalist, poker player, and actor that dubbed himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” because men are always finding new ways to overcompensate for limp, shrivelled penises.

    As if calling himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy” wasn’t bad enough, Dan Bilzerian thought it was a good idea to grab pornstar and total babe Janice Griffith by the vagina during a Hustler shoot at his mansion and throw her head first into his pool…from the roof of his mansion…SHAKING MY HEAD!

    Janice Griffith broke her foot, but at least someone caught it on video. Let’s watch Dan Bilzerian throw pornstar Janice Griffith off a roof.

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me, watching Janice Griffith fall into the pool is absolutely terrifying. When I watched the video for the first time, all I thought to myself was, “That poor girl’s neck is for sure broken.” Though it sucks she broke her foot, it could have been way worse.

    I gotta say, I can’t believe that Dan Bilzerian would think it’s a good idea to throw anyone off his roof. I can only assume that he was trying impress Janice and all the other pornstars hanging out at his mansion. Guys, nearly killing and breaking the foot of a hot babe is no way to impress them. I would have hoped that you would have all learned that bullying is not a good means of attracting women back in your playground days, but I shouldn’t be surprised since this douche doesn’t know that. Only someone stupid enough to throw someone off his roof would also consider himself “Instagram’s Biggest Playboy”.

    So now Janice is just chilling at home with a broken foot, not working:

    You should tweet at her and wish her a speedy recover! Janice Griffith’s Twitter: @TheJaniceXXX

    Personally, I’d like to see Janice Griffith shoot some porn with her cast on. There’s something about babes in casts that’s very sexy to me. A girl in a cast says to me, “I’m comfortable with danger and I don’t give no fucks.” So fingers crossed Janice gets to work with her cast on!

    Click here to see some pictures of Janice Griffith on

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  • Sign This Petition To Bring Back Vine Porn!


    Come back baby come back

    Last Thursday, Twitter announced that there would be no more porn on Vine. For some crazy reason, Twitter feels that porn on Vine isn’t “a good fit” for their community. Yet smack cams and twerk videos are? I don’t know. It’s confusing.

    The move to ban Vine porn is definitely an effort to make the platform more family-friendly, but for adult star Conner Habib it spells internet censorship.

    That’s why Conner Habib has started a petition to bring back Vine porn.

    “We are disturbed by the precedent set on Vine for other applications and websites, including Twitter. We are also disturbed that we are not allowed to choose what we view. Vine’s perception of its users as a community that advocates censorship is wrong,” Habib writes on his petition description. I couldn’t agree more!

    I understand that six seconds clips of boobs wasn’t what Twitter had in mind for Vine, but that doesn’t give them the right to restrict users. If you’re over 18, why shouldn’t you be able to see looping clips of your favorite porn stars or hot amateurs?

    But the serious issue is that if we allow Twitter to ban Vine porn, then it won’t be long before nudes on Twitter are banned. And who knows what could come next? The Vine porn ban just sets a bad precedent for removing one’s freedom of expression on the internet. And that ain’t right. What if this is the first step to banning porn from the entirely? You can’t let that happen.

    So if you’d like to take a stand against internet censorship (or you just want Vine porn back as badly as we do), SIGN THE PETITION.


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  • Twitter Bans Vine Porn


    End of an era…

    Twitter has officially banned porn on Vine. The company announced the rule change on Thursday and began enforcing it immediately.

    Personally, I think that banning porn from Vine is the single dumbest idea since Vine was first released. I mean, does anyone actually use Vine for anything other than the porn?

    “As we’ve watched the community and your creativity grow and evolve, we’ve found that there’s a very small percentage of videos that are not a good fit for our community,” the company said in a post announcing the new rules.

    Sorry Twitter, I love you but you’re going to have to provide me with some real numbers, otherwise I’m not convinced.

    The new rules forbid videos of any sex acts as well as sexually explicit animations and nudity. Twitter will enforce the new rules by getting Vine users to flag other Vine members using the “Report this post” option. Anyone who violates the new rules will have their account suspended until they delete the offending Vine. Repeat posters might have their account permanently suspended.

    There is some good news though. Twitter won’t be blocking all nudity from Vine.  It will make exceptions for any nudity that is documentary, artistic or educational. I haven’t been on Vine for a while but from what I know about nudity and the internet, porn ceases to be porn if it’s in black and white. Any nudity that’s presented in black and white is considered “art”. So if you can add a black and white filter to Vine, your nudes should be protected.

    It was only a matter of time before Vine banned porn. Sure it sucks, but whatever. I hope the new porn social media craze is pornstars auctioning off their Snapchat username to send some lucky fans some personalized Snapchat nudes. Fingers crossed!

    While we wait for your favorite pornstar to auction off her Snapchat username, I recommend revisiting all those old Vine Porn of the Week posts to get one final dose of vine porn before it’s all over.

    via CNN.

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  • Jada Stevens Is Off Twitter (But Still A Pornstar)


    Jada Stevens

    Following pornstars on Twitter can be kind of a pain because it limits the locations where you can check Twitter. At least for me it does. For some reason, I’m just not comfortable looking at ass selfies on my phone while a bunch of mouth-breathers beside me on the bus be peeping my screen.

    That said, following pornstars on Twitter is awesome because eventually you’ll get to see some homemade topless pictures or pussy pictures that can’t be seen anywhere else. It’s like free amateur porn made by your favorite pornstars.

    Sadly, one of the best pornstars to follow on Twitter, Ms Jada Stevens, is no longer on Twitter.

    No more Jada Stevens on Twitter? What could that possibly mean? Could it be that Jada Stevens, the woman with the best ass in porn, is gearing up for retirement?   Continue Reading

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  • Anthony Weiner Take Note: THIS is How to Handle a Sexting Scandal


    Calico Rudasil is a feature columnist for, the web’s original erotic site for women by women. With over 16 years’ experience of writing about and for the adult entertainment industry under her belt, Calico qualifies as something of a Web Porn Dinosaur; similar to a tyrannosaurus, only with far more attractive arms and a less pronounced overbite. 

    I’m no stranger to ripping on celebrities – hell, that’s pretty much my go-to angle for sex-related posts and articles these days – but today, it’s not curses I bring for a young celebrity who’s at the center of a sexting scandal, but praise.

    It appears that former Disney star Dylan Sprouse, who as a far younger star played the role of Adam Sandler’s adopted son in Big Daddy (a movie I resolutely refuse to see, on the basis that it…. Well, that it stars Adam Sandler), has had a couple of relatively intimate selfies find their way onto Twitter, presumably by way of a former girlfriend blasting them out.  Continue Reading

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  • Miley Cyrus Frees Her Nipples For Christmas


    Can’t wait to get another look at those wrecking balls

    Miley Cyrus is back again this week trying to save Christmas sex for the entire world.

    This time instead of twerking for Christmas, she’s taken to flashing her boobs to spread the spirit. On Saturday, Miley tweeted, “Merry Christmas THANK YOU NY for being one of the few states to @freethenipple” and included this picture:


    Free the Nipple is a cause very near and dear to both Miley and I. It’s an organization that aims to “decriminalize the female body.”

    Believe it or not, there are some crazy people who think that women should keep their bodies concealed by clothing. But thankfully with Miley Cyrus backing them, a Christmas miracle that lets women go topless wherever they go could be in the works.

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  • Evan Rachel Wood’s Deleted Sex Scene Got Her Mad


    Evan Rachel Wood

    Actress Evan Rachel Wood is furious at the MPAA because a sex scene from her upcoming movie Charlie Countryman was cut to avoid getting an NC-17 rating.

    Check out the Twitter rant ERW went on slamming Hollywood censors for promoting a double standard:  Continue Reading

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  • Loyal_Chivette: Twitter Tease


    The Ultimate Twitter Tease: @Loyal_Chivette

    My introduction to @Loyal_Chivette was totally by accident.

    I just happened to find the most amazing picture for the Top 10 Sexy Military Women post. At first I thought it was just a miracle that such a sexy and relevant picture existed, but friend of the blog NudesForTroops told me it was a woman known only to the world as @Loyal_Chivette.

    Ever since then, I’ve been a huge fan of @Loyal_Chivette and all the sexy pictures she’s always tweeting of herself.

    I know there’s no such thing as the Best Body On Twitter award, but if there was, I’d nominate @Loyal_Chivette. Continue Reading

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  • Win The Lelo Tor 2! (Couples Sex Toy)

    A few months ago, we were lucky enough to get a big box of Lelo products delivered to the office.

    Because Lelo makes the best sex toys in the whole wide world, we were pressured by significant others and friends to let them try our Lelo sex toys.

    Before we knew it, our big box of Lelo sex toys became an empty box. The only thing left was the Lelo Tor II, the world’s first waterproof and rechargeable couples’ cock ring.

    Instead of giving the Tor II to another one of our greedy significant others or friends, I’ve decided to give it away to you!  Continue Reading

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  • Twitter Porn Barack Obama Might Like

    Barack Obama twitter porn

    Mr. President!

    A few days ago, comedian Pat House noticed that Barack Obama’s Twitter account was following Wicked Pictures (@wickedpictures).

    Yes, the same Wicked Pictures that makes porn movies and has contracts with hot pornstars such as Samantha Saint, Stormy Daniels, and formerly Alektra Blue.

    The President was also following glamour model Taylor Vixen and pornstar Heather Starlet.

    Though it may come as a surprise, Barack Obama’s Twitter has a history of following some Twitter porn. In October of last year, Geekosystem pointed out that his Twitter was following @iLikeTitsDaily, which is totally Twitter porn, and also @Playboyman.

    Now I’m sure Americans in the Bible Belt aren’t crazy that Obama was indulging in Twitter porn (but what do they care? They didn’t vote for him. Plus red states watch more porn than blue states). But I think it’s great that the President is enjoying some Twitter porn. Twitter is far and away my favorite social media site because they have no interest in censoring their users. If you want to post Twitter porn, by all means do it because Twitter doesn’t care.

    But Twitter porn can be tricky. It took me some time to figure out who to follow for the top quality Twitter porn. However, given the state that the nation is in, I feel like it’s time for me to reveal my Top 10 of Twitter porn so that my dog Barry Obammy can feel relaxed and sexually satisfied while governing this great nation.

    So here it is the Twitter porn Top 10 for Barack ObamaContinue Reading

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  • Amanda Bynes’s Sexy Twitter Pics

    Amanda Bynes sexy

    Amanda Bynes

    Amanda Bynes has been going crazy recently, but doesn’t she have every right to be a little crazy? Continue Reading

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  • What Is The Best Song to Have Sex To?

    Best Songs to Have Sex To

    Is there any other kind of music?

    So the other day, #Best Songs To Have Sex To was trending on Twitter. Now I’m not really into music that’s not about chilling with the homies or twisting one up, but since I write a sex blog for I thought it would be a good idea to investigate what people thought were the best songs to have to.

    You may remember that by in large the music that people associate with sex is absolutely terrible. Hopefully, they’ve come up with something a little bit better this time around, but I’m not very optimistic.

    Let’s find out what song is the Best Song To Have Sex To. Continue Reading

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  • Amanda Bynes Wants Drake to Murder Her Vagina

    No one seems to know what Amanda Bynes was thinking when she tweeted…


    …but it’s a good use of Twitter. Why aren’t people more upfront about who they want to bang on Twitter? Continue Reading

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  • New App helps you have sex with co-workers

    In porn movies, the office is all about sex. No one does any work and they get to have sex on a desk. Wouldn’t it be great if real offices were like that? Believe it or not, the sex based office we know and love from pornography could be coming soon to real life with a new LinkedIn app called “BangWithProfessionals“.

    Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

    Abbey Brooks, add me on LinkedIn!

    Continue Reading

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  • 50 Cent wants you to stop masturbating

    Go shorty

    Wednesday on Twitter, 50 Cent declared that he is now abstinent. You see, according to Mr. Cent, “Women = confusion” which is something he doesn’t need right now. If his new album Street King Immortal is going to bring him back to relevance he needs as little confusion as possible.

    But he’s not just avoiding women, he’s fully observing his new found abstinence.

    Later 50 tweeted, “Masturbation is a sin you stop right now fool!!! lol God is watching you#SMS”. But how can someone just stop masturbating? Masturbation is the only thing I’ve consistently enjoyed for over 20 years, other than The Simpsons.

    Don’t worry, 50 Cent was thoughtful enough to tweet the four-steps anyone will ever need to ween themselves off masturbating.

    Continue Reading

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  • Rob Gronkowski poses with Bibi Jones again

    The original twitter picture of Bibi and Gronk

    The summer of Gronk continues even though the NFL season is under way.

    Ron Gronkowski set the NFL record for tight ends last season with 18 total touchdowns (17 receiving, one rushing) and yards (1,327) but has also been working on setting a record for off-the-field antics. The Patriots brass reprimanded him earlier this year for partying too hard.

    Last year during his bye week, Gronk posed with porn star Bibi Jones (as you can see just to the right) for a picture posted on her Twitter. When this picture surfaced, the tight end (Ron Gronkowski not Bibi Jones) was forced to make a public apology. It may seem short-sighted to pose shirtless with a porn star wearing your jersey but Bibi revealed that Gronk brings his jersey on trips for times like these.

    Since then Bibi Jones has retired from the industry, going by her legal name Britney Maclin. As Britney, she is still actively tweets explicit pictures on herself on her twitter (@Britney_Maclin) most recently a new picture of her with Gronk.

    Continue Reading

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