• Skin Diamond is Getting Ready for Halloween

    Who in North America doesn’t love Halloween?  If you’re a kid, you get to dress up and get free candy.  If you’re an adult, then you get to dress up, go to a party and get very drunk. Also, possibly eat a bunch of candy, if its available. It’s a win-win holiday for all of the age demographics.  It’s also awesome if you’re into porn, because this is when all of the dress-up/cosplay content starts getting released.

    Also the new Star Wars movie is coming out in like, just over a year.  I am also very excited for that, even though it’s unrelated to Halloween.

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  • Air New Zealand Comes Under Fire For Sexy Safety Videos

    I don’t take very many flights because I’m a huge loser who hardly ever leaves my own country.  On the rare occasion that I do fly, I’m always pretty nervous and try to keep my mind off things.  I don’t like the feeling when a plane takes off.  It gives me the heeby jeebies, yo.  So yeah, I’m a chicken.  Whatever, I don’t give a shit.

    As a result of my nervousness, I usually keep myself distracted by reading a book, listening to music, watching a movie or nervously gripping my armrests and gritting my teeth to hold back cries of fear.  Because of this, I usually pay absolutely 0 attention to all of the safety protocol videos and shit they try to convey.  You know when the flight attendant walks around and acts out how to put on an oxygen mask and stuff?  If it actually came down to it and my flight was going down, I’d be totally fucked because out of the 10 or so flights I’ve taken, I’ve paid attention to that information -46 times.

    And I’m probably not alone.

    So what’s an airline to do?  This is super important info that they need to convey.  But how do they get through to Joe-I-Don’t-Give-a-Fuck’s such as you and I?

    Classic maneuver: add some sex appeal and scantily clad people to your safety videos.  Here are the two videos that Air New Zealand has put out.  They aren’t exactly like, racy NSFW boobs and butts everywhere, but they’re certainly a bit spicier than the normal fare.


    BUT.  All is not well for Air New Zealand.  Turns out that people find these safety videos sexist, forcing Air New Zealand to remove them from their flights.  A petition was started on Change.org to get the videos removed.  According to the article, which quotes the petition:

    “This video creates an unnecessarily difficult and uncomfortable working environment for its female staff, which goes against the entire nature of safety.”

    I’m not sure!  What do you think, would videos like make the lives of flight attendants both male and female more difficult?

    Anyways, while thinking about it, check out these pictures of sexy FAKE flight attendants, because why the hell not?

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  • Baseball Babe Cate Harrington


    Cate Harrington

    Max Scherzer of the Detroit Tigers and Clayton Kershaw of the Los Angeles Dodgers won the Cy Young Awards for the MLB’s best pitchers.

    I must admit, I know nothing about baseball. But I do know babes.

    While I’m very happy for Max and Clayton, I think it’s time that we recognize the sexiest baseball player of 2013. The winner of the C Dusty Sexiest Baseball Player Award goes to Cate Harrington!

    Who is Cate Harrington? Well, she’s not a major league baseball player. She’s a pornstar from Nottingham, England with 32DD breasts and no one has ever looked better in a baseball uniform.

    So let’s see the C Dusty Sexiest Baseball Player Award winner Cate Harrington take off that baseball uniform she looks so good in!  Continue Reading

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  • Three Cheers For Gigi Marie!

    Gigi Marie sexy cheerleader

    Gigi Marie

    Why do we all have sexy cheerleader fantasy?

    When I was in school, the cheerleaders weren’t the super sexy foxes I had imagined to be. They were just ice queens that could do flips and shit.

    Even though real life cheerleaders are a bit of a let down, when dress up a babe as sexy as Gigi Marie in a cheerleader outfit it more than makes up for it.

    Gigi Marie as a cheerleader will have you cheering for more! More! More!


    Interesting side note:

    Gigi Marie may only be dressed up as a cheerleader but she’s actually a real live go-go dancer by night.

    Don’t worry, I’m working on finding out where so that we can all go and bask in the sexiness that is Gigi Marie.

    If she go-go dances half as good as she fake cheerleads, we’re in for a real treat.

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