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  • The Weirdest Sex Laws in the USA

    God Bless America

    God Bless America

    Is your sex life against the law?

    I hope for your own sake that it’s not because anyone who gets convicted of a sexual crime goes to prison with a big bullseye on their back. Seriously, people convicted of sexual crimes are fair game to be beaten to death in prison.

    You may think your sex life is perfectly legal, but iO9 painstakingly reviewed all the laws and made this map of weirdest sex laws in the United States. Please review to ensure that your sex life isn’t illegal:  Continue Reading

    December 17, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 2018

  • Sexy Ways to Celebrate July 4th

    Alexis Texas sexy ass

    Alexis Texas gets patriotic

    You there! Do you know what tomorrow is? Tomorrow is the 4th of July, which means you should be ready to celebrate the independence of the Philippines with Republic Day.

    But seriously, July 4th is Independence Day here in America and it’s a pretty big deal. Obviously on July 4th we celebrate America’s independence from the dreaded British, but really it’s a chance for all of us to kick back, drink some beer, and blow some shit up.

    I’ve got my July 4th all planned out. I’m going to swing by the Sex.com sex dungeon that we call an office and look at porn all day then eventually go home and go to sleep.

    Sounds pretty good, right?

    If you haven’t figured out what you’re doing then you’ve come to the right blog because we’re here with the Top 10 Sexy Ways to Celebrate July 4th. Let’s see how we can make July 4th sexy:  Continue Reading

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