• Why Is Incest Porn So Damn Popular?

    Incest porn’s rise to prominence is something that I truly don’t understand because I hate my family. Why would I fuck them if I can’t even bare to spend a few minutes in their company?

    Despite my inability to see incest porn’s appeal, there’s no denying that it’s popularity is booming. According to a recent study conducted by GameLink, incest porn consumption went up a 178 percent between October 2014 and January 2015.

    But why? Why are so many people getting off to incest porn?  Continue Reading

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  • Bonnie Rotten & Chris Nieratko Talk Squirting, Naughty Grandmas, and More


    Bonnie Rotten!

    A few weeks ago, Bonnie Rotten won Female Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards, which makes her the world’s best pornstar until next year’s award show where I will win Female Performer of the Year thanks to a long series of blackmail and deceit.

    As you all know, I’ve always been a big Bonnie Rotten fan, especially ever since I noticed that Bonnie Rotten simulating sex is better than watching most people have actual sex. But besides being a talented, tattooed performer who will do just about anything, I didn’t really know much about the world’s best pornstar.

    Thankfully, world’s best interviewer Chris Nieratko got a chance to sit down with Bonnie and, as expected, seeing Bonnie Rotten being herself has confirmed that there’s no one better.

    So let’s watch Chris and Bonnie talk about her naughty grandma, her squirting abilities, her experiments with her teenage group sex, and of course, her superpowers.

    via Vice

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  • The Porn Japanese Women Are Watching


    Way to go Japan!

    The adult industry has always wanted to appeal to women, it’s just never figured out how.

    Sometimes when I tell a young feminist about what I do, I get hit with something like, “Pornography is like actually so disgusting. It’s like totally anti-woman and like actually so disgusting.” Yes, that’s one way of looking at it. I, on the other had, believe that pornographers aren’t trying to alienate women, they just don’t know how to attract them as an audience.  Continue Reading

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  • What Goes Down At The Playboy Mansion? (80’s Edition)

    Terri Welles vintage playboy nude

    Terri Welles, 1980’s Playboy Playmate

    Don’t you wish you could go to the Playboy Mansion?

    I don’t. Why would I drive all the way up to Beverly Hills to hang out with Tommy Lee, Bam Margera, Brett Michaels, and some super hot babes? If I were picked up in some sort of Hummer-limousine, then I’d for sure consider it but I’m still waiting on the invite.

    Though I’ve yet to go to the Playboy Mansion, I feel like its best days have passed a long time ago. Before it was a sexy Utopia with cool parties and sexy babes dressed up like sexy bunnies, now I just picture a dirty pool and shag carpeting that’s in dire need of shampoo.

    I picture Hugh Hefner wandering through a large empty mansion, muttering to himself all long the way. Kind of like the way Orson Welles wandered through the empty halls of Xanadu in Citizen Kane, but a little sexier. You might say that the Playboy Mansion is Xanadu from Citizen Kane, but built on an empire of nude women instead of yellow journalism.

    My sad assumptions of the present day’s Playboy Mansion aside, if I could travel back in time to the 1980’s, the first thing I would do would be to warn the world about Paul Hogan. For sparing the world the horror of Crocodile Dundee, I’d get invited to the wildest and best Playboy Mansion parties of the 1980’s.

    Unfortunately, that’s not going to happen. However, Vice has the next best thing.

    The September issue of Vice was put together from the archives of Bob Guccione Sr., the man who built an empire with Penthouse Magazine (which might be going under, by the way).

    One portion of the issue features an interview with a former Playboy Mansion butler. He was fired for “an intrusion on his personal life.”

    So let’s find out what went down at the Playboy Mansion in the 1980’s:  Continue Reading

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  • Pornstars Auction Sex For Charity

    Lexi Belle lingerie sexy

    Lexi Belle

    If there’s one thing that Chris Nieratko believes in, it’s the healing power of laughter.

    No topic is off limits for skateboarding and pornography’s favorite son.

    That’s why when Oklahoma was hit hard with tornadoes, Christ Nieratko flew down to Fort Lauderdale, Florida to find out what sex acts some of the adult industry’s top pornstars would be willing to donate to the victims of this horrible tragedy.

    Based on what these pornstars would be willing to do for the victims, they really are the greatest humanitarians of us all.

    Let’s watch:    Continue Reading

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  • Richard Kern’s new sexy gallery


    Richard Kern’s Entertainment

    Richard Kern is always doing something cool. If he’s not hanging out with Sonic Youth, he’s taking nice photos of topless girls.

    If you’re not familiar with Richard Kern, he makes art-porn. And that doesn’t mean like classy, couples porn that aspires to be artsy like X-Art. Richard Kern’s photography is more often than not nude amateur babes that is classified as art rather than amateur pornography. Why? It’s just the luck of the draw, I guess.

    For his latest gallery of topless girls, Richard Kern was some how able to combine three of our most favorite things: amateur nude girls, home entertainment systems and cut-offs.

    Let’s take a look at Richard Kern’s new photos:

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  • The Vice Guide to Orgasms

    Karley Sciortino’s new show on Vice Slutever is providing you with all the sex education you never received. This week’s episode answers all the questions about the mysterious and demanding female orgasm. She talks to orgasm scientist Barry Komisaruk, celebrity sex-therapist Sari Cooper, and adult superstar Bobbi Starr getting some pretty useful advice along the way.

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