• Check Out This Awesome Free Tube Site: Porn Maki

    At, we get many different types of requests from our users. Sometimes, we receive e-mails asking about other porn sites. Everyone knows that is awesome, but sometimes you want to branch out, check out another site, and you’re curious if it’s worth your time and money. Who better to ask than your trusted neighbourhood sex bloggers?

    Today, I got a request to check out a tube side called Porn Maki.

    The first thing that immediately popped out to me when I visited the site is the excellent, aesthetically-pleasing layout.  I don’t like it when websites look cluttered.  I like to know exactly where I’m supposed to click, and I want a seamless path to my content of choice.  Porn Maki does an excellent job of making everything accessible and easy-to-find.

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  • Is 4K the Future of Porn


    4K Porn

    Back in October 2013, a company named Huccio announced that they would be providing the world with the first ever 4K PornContinue Reading

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  •’s Videos of the Year 2013 – PART 2’s Videos of the Year 2013 has really been popping off!

    Everyone wants to see the most popular sex videos of 2013 and who can blame them?

    If you haven’t seen the 10 most popular sex videos of 2013 yet, check it out right now: PART 1.

    Meanwhile, I’m going to capitalize on the success of Part 1 by making a’s Videos of the Year Part 2! Because when one idea is a success, just keep doing it until the interest isn’t there anymore. Right?

    Rather than show you 11 through 20 of the most popular sex videos, I’m going to show you the Top 10 Least Popular Videos of 2013! (technically Bottom 10, I guess…)

    Why the least popular? Because I already checked them out and they’re great! I can’t believe you guys weren’t feeling these videos. It just goes to show you that you need to spend even more time browsing because they are some real gems hiding in some of those boards.

    Anyways,’s Videos of the Year 2013 – Part 2 starts now!  Continue Reading

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  • Holly Michaels Is Free!

    Holly Michaels

    Holly Michaels

    Yesterday, your favorite pornstar Holly Michaels announced that she is now a free agent. Continue Reading

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  • Emma Mae – Porno P.I.

    Do you remember Emma Mae?

    I sure as hell do.

    She was that sexy tattooed girl that came out of nowhere (nowhere as in North Carolina) and then before I knew it, she was everywhere.

    Porn producers had this weird belief that tattoos and piercings can scare away viewers. Unless you’re shooting for Burning Angel or Belladonna or other tattoo niche studios, a girl’s tattoos would often get covered up with stockings, corsets, or whatever else so that they don’t drive people away. But does anyone really mind tattoos that much? I’m asking because the way I see it is if a girl is sexy, she’s sexy. Tattoos aren’t something that I’m bothered by. Unless she’s got a swastika tattoo. Then I would be bothered by that.

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  • Kayden Kross

    Kayden Kross

    Kayden Kross

    Kayden Kross could easily be Babe of the Day any day of the year but today there were a couple of Kayden Kross power moves made. 

    Like anyone who has ever seen Kayden Kross, we’re huge fans of her so we had to make her Babe of the Day. Continue Reading

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  • Did Victoria Rae Black Retire?

    This petite, stunning chick from Milwaukee, Wisconsin then started doing hardcore porn movies. Everyone loved Victoria Rae Black, not just because she looked adorable having naughty sex on camera but because she was so good at interacting with fans.

    However, I regret to inform you that one of your favorite pornstars, Victoria Rae Black, may have retired.   Continue Reading

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  • Porno P.I.’s: Memphis Monroe

    This edition of Porno P.I., where we try to figure out what happened to some of our favorite former pornstars, comes from Al. Apologies to HungDong who suggested we do Keri Sable and Tiffany Rayne and many others that yielded unpublishable blog posts. HungDong, thank you again for your suggestions and sorry I couldn’t get them all. 

    Get caught up on all previous Porno P.I.’s here.

    What do you get when you combine Nic Cage’s character from Gone In Sixty Seconds Memphis Raines with Marilyn Monroe?

    You get the finest, bustiest, and bestest pornstar to ever come out of New Orleans, Memphis Monroe.

    Memphis Monroe started performing in porn movies in April 2005 when she was twenty years old and in that same year was the second pornstar ever to sign an exclusive contract with Hustler (FYI, the first girl ever was Jessica Jaymes).

    Fans of porn pictures and porn movies fell in love with Memphis Monroe‘s huge boobs, 36DD’s, but suddenly in 2008 they were seeing less and less of them. So, what happened to Memphis Monroe?    Continue Reading

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