• The Sexiest Vimeo Account Ever Returns!

    9 months ago, we went ahead and declared Said Energizer’s Vimeo account to be the Sexiest Vimeo Ever.

    It was a real no-brainer to declare Said Energizer the proud owner of the Sexiest Vimeo Ever because he only posted videos of sexy, Eastern European babes dancing around, stripping off their crop-tops that barely covered anything anyway.

    However, after we bestowed this honor on Said Energizer, he stopped sharing videos of sexy babes dancing around in crop-tops. It was truly a sad day for all. Only a little blog called CropTopFever could fill the sexy babe wearing a crop top shaped hole in our hearts left by Said Energizer.

    But alas, there’s no need to mourn the loss of Said Energizer because he’s back with a hot, oily babe dancing around in a crop-top that doesn’t even come close to covering up her tits.

    So enjoy the return of the sexiest Vimeo account ever with Said Energizer’s latest effort: “For Men

    For MEN by Said Energizer from said_energizer on Vimeo.

    Please, if anyone knows the name of the babe featured in this video, don’t keep it to yourself. Let us know in the comments who she is so that we can post more pictures and videos with her in it.

    It ain’t right to keep her name to yourself.

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  • 3 Sexy Movie Scene Montages


    What more could you ask for?

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me I love movies. If it were up to me, I would give movies two thumbs up, a fresh rating, five bags of popcorn, and three and a half stars because I just like movies that much.

    But you know what I like best about movies? The occasional sexually explicit scenes that make you go, “WOAH.” But unfortunately, most movies don’t contain sexy scenes. Thank goodness for Mr. Skin, otherwise we wouldn’t stand a chance of keeping track of the best sex scenes in movies.

    With that said, a very dedicated man who goes by the name of TheLeopard81 on Vimeo compiled all his favorite sexy movie scenes into three wonderful montages. It’s made me realize that I haven’t really seen enough Hollywood movies with sex in them. After all, I can find hardcore sex so much easier than brief Hollywood nudity.

    Regardless, these montages are worth watching. It’s way more convenient than watching every movie ever made in hopes of seeing some nudity or something sexy. So enjoy!

    And if you could all name some of these movies in the comments, that would be great.

    Sexy Movie Scenes Montage #1

    Sexy Movie Scenes: Part 1 (Uncensored) from TheLeopard81 on Vimeo.

    Sexy Movie Scenes Montage #2

    Sexy Movie Scenes: Part 2 from TheLeopard81 on Vimeo.

    Sexy Movie Scenes Montage #3

    Sexy Movie Scenes: Part 3 from TheLeopard81 on Vimeo.

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  • Ashley Sky’s Banned Buffalo Commercial


    Ashley Sky

    Brazilian (by way of Central Florida) model Ashley Sky is the new face of Buffalo Jeans.

    While that does sound like excellent news because it surely means more Ashley Sky in our lives, there is just one slight problem.

    As you know, Ashley Sky is extremely sexy. She’s so sexy that her commercial for Buffalo Jeans that features her prancing around the beach and getting her white tank top all wet to the point where she has to take it off and pose for the camera with just a hand-bra because you can see her tits clear as day through that wet tank top…wait what was I talking about?

    Oh yeah. Ashley Sky’s Buffalo Jeans commercial has been banned from Youtube because it is far too sexy. The Youtube-ban isn’t surprising because Ashley Sky’s see through tank top and hand-bra isn’t something that the world should see. I mean if everyone were to see Ashley Sky’s tits through that tank top, it would surely make all other tits seem totally irrelevant.

    Thankfully, since the commercial is only banned from Youtube, we can still watch it on Vimeo. But be warned, her boobs may ruin all other boobs for you.

    I can’t help but think that the Youtube-ban is also a good idea because when you see Ashley Sky topless on a tropical beach, it really makes you reevaluate all the decisions you’ve made in your life up to this point in an attempt to figure out why you’re not on that beach with her.



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  • Nicole Aniston’s Beautiful Striptease


    Nicole Aniston

    Can you spare four minutes to watch Nicole Aniston take off all her clothes, exposing that glorious nude body of hers?

    Of course you do.

    If you can’t make time for Nicole Aniston then maybe you should rethink your priorities.

    Watch this and enjoy the best four minutes of your life:

    Nicole Aniston – Beauty from striplvTV on Vimeo.

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    I don’t have much to say. It’s Saturday, I shouldn’t even be blogging.

    I just want you all to watch this Vimeo video called GET DOWN by Tosha Isaev. It’s the hottest 1 minute and 18 seconds of your weekend.

    GET DOWN from Tosha Isaev on Vimeo.

    You’re welcome.

    Someone please tell who this babe is!

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  • Chloe Amour is Sweet as Syrup


    Chloe Amour

    I’ll admit it, I’m not a big fan of licking maple syrup off a naked woman’s skin. Yes, it’s sexy and it tastes good but maple syrup is just too dang sticky.

    No matter how many licks you take, your tongue will never get all the syrup which leads to future gross-outs once your food-foreplay has concluded.

    Why don’t I just cover you in glue before laying you down on my Egyptian cotton sheets so that they’re totally ruined and I’m sheet-less for the rest of my life?

    So yeah, I don’t believe that naked women and maple syrup should mix. Of course, the exception to the “No nude women & maple syrup” rule is adorable, Latina pornstar and Blog favorite Chloe Amour.

    Just watch as Chloe Amour strips off her dress in the shower and pours maple syrup all over her sexy, carmel-colored skin. It has me rethinking my rules:

    Chloe Amour – Sweet Syrup from striplvTV on Vimeo.

    Pour maple syrup all over naked women in the shower! Of course! No more ruined sheets!

    Thank you Chloe Amour for turning me on to maple syrup again…and for turning me on in general…

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  • The Sexiest Vimeo Ever

    I love Youtube. But then again everyone loves Youtube.

    But for every side-splitting Fail Compilation, there are a few thousand shitty video-blogs with some moron talking about something stupid.

    That’s why I would say that Vimeo, although not as hilarious, is better in Youtube. Youtube is just a mess of content, where everyone with a camera (which is literally everyone in the world) throwing up their videos to become internet famous with no quality control. Vimeo on the other-hand had attracted a community of professional video makers so by in large Vimeo’s content is much higher-quality, both in production and artistic value.

    Today, I found what might be the sexiest Vimeo account ever. Sexiest Vimeo account is my way of saying the best Vimeo account ever.

    It’s called Said_Energizer. Let’s watch:

    2 Days with AnnaBella (by Said Energizer) from said_energizer on Vimeo.

    All I know is that it’s some guy from the Ukraine filming sexy Ukrainian girls doing sexy things. I don’t know if they’re commercials, music videos, or just softcore porn. There’s no information on Said_Energizer. That’s partly why I’m posting his videos. I need to know what’s going on with Said_Energizer.

    Who does this guy think he is running the sexiest Vimeo ever?

    Ok, let’s watch some more videos.   Continue Reading

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