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  • Chrissy Teigen Drunkenly Throws Amazing First Pitch

    Baseball is quite simply a sport I don’t understand. The season is 162 games long. Who cares? Where’s the urgency in winning?

    All I really know about baseball is that often celebrities are invited to the pitcher’s mound to throw out the first pitch and usually end up humiliating themselves. But not always.

    Case-in-point: Supermodel Chrissy Teigen.

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  • Women Ride Sybian In Public For Charity

    The men behind viral video machine Simple Pickup have finally figured out how to get women to riding sybians in public.

    For those of you that don’t know, a sybian is a sex toy that was designed in the late 1980’s has been known to give women very intense orgasms. Basically, it’s a saddle that women strandle which contains a gearbox speed reducer, and mechanism connected to a rod that protrudes from a hole in the top centre.

    Now, I know that description doesn’t sound like sybians are very much fun, but it stimulates the clitoris…so it’s fun. In case you don’t believe me, you can watch some videos of babes riding sybians on Sybians on

    For years, I’ve been bringing one of my old sybians down to the beach, politely asking strange women to ride the sybian. Strangely enough, no woman took me up on the offer and I have since been banned from going anywhere near the beach.

    What I’ve learned from Simple Pickup is that if you want women to ride your sybian, you just have to tell them it’s for charity!

    For every second that a girl stayed on the Sybian, they donated $5 to the prevention of female circumcision, straight to a charity called The Orchid Project.

    Oh the things people will do for charity. Let’s watch what happens when girls ride a sybian in public for the sake of charity:

    Good job Simple Pickup. Not only did you contribute to the fight against female circumcision, but more importantly you’ve taught us that most women will do anything for charity.

    So the next time you’re lady is withholding sex from you, try donating $5 to The Orchid Project for every minute you have sex.

    Also ladies, start withholding sex until your man offers to start donating to The Orchid Project.

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  • Despite What This Viral Video Says, Porn Addiction Still Not A Real Thing.


    The sexy, sexy face of porn addiction

    The only thing an outrageous claim needs to become fact on the internet is a confident voice. How many times have you read or watched something and said to yourself, “That doesn’t seem like it’s true, however it was delivered with so much confidence that I would be foolish to think they’re lying. I could fact check it myself, but that would cut into valuable Facebook and Twitter time. I better check those sites instead. It’s been nearly 2 minutes since I last checked them.” And that’s how misinformation spreads over the internet.

    This is especially bad when incorrect information gets delivered to you with a confident voice, some colorful fonts, and innocuous animation. That’s why today, I’d like to clear up some misinformation you may have received from ASAP Science, which is one of the stranger ventures of A$AP Rocky and the A$AP MOB but whatever.  Continue Reading

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  • Sexy asses turned into drum kit

    Music is everywhere. At least Spanish band patáx thinks so. To promote their philosophy, percussionist Jorge Perez Gonzalez played drums on four beautiful butts. Let’s watch:

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  • Penis Power & the Boston Crab

    The most important video you’ll see all day. I guess it’s a sex tip? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, just watch it.

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