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  • Oculus Rift Backs Out of Bringing Virtual Reality Porn to the Masses

    Terrible news, everyone! Despite previously saying that it wouldn’t, Oculus Rift will block virtual reality porn apps.

    Set to be released for sale next year, the Facebook-owned virtual reality headset company will vet the apps that appear in their store. After previously saying, “We don’t control what software can run on it,” that is no longer the case.

    A company representative reiterated the Oculus position on the matter when Business Insider asked about it on Friday: “Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, which forbid pornographic content from being a part of the Oculus Store,” the spokesman said.

    So there it is. After hyping up virtual reality porn for what feels like years, Oculus Rift will not feature virtual reality porn. And thus, the future of the adult industry gets flushed down the toilet.

    There may be a roundabout way to put virtual reality porn on your Oculus Rift (when it’s finally released) but we’ll see. Shame about that because it seems that virtual reality porn was the main selling point of Oculus Rift. Most people only know about Oculus Rift because of those videos of people testing virtual reality porn. Whatever. Good business decision, Facebook.

    When asked about violent games, the company was less clear.

    “Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, but they aren’t open to discuss what those terms are at this time,” the spokesman said.

    Once again: virtual violence good, virtual sex bad.

    June 15, 2015 • Porn, Porn News & Highlights, Top, Trending • Views: 7134