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  • Oculus Rift Backs Out of Bringing Virtual Reality Porn to the Masses

    Terrible news, everyone! Despite previously saying that it wouldn’t, Oculus Rift will block virtual reality porn apps.

    Set to be released for sale next year, the Facebook-owned virtual reality headset company will vet the apps that appear in their store. After previously saying, “We don’t control what software can run on it,” that is no longer the case.

    A company representative reiterated the Oculus position on the matter when Business Insider asked about it on Friday: “Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, which forbid pornographic content from being a part of the Oculus Store,” the spokesman said.

    So there it is. After hyping up virtual reality porn for what feels like years, Oculus Rift will not feature virtual reality porn. And thus, the future of the adult industry gets flushed down the toilet.

    There may be a roundabout way to put virtual reality porn on your Oculus Rift (when it’s finally released) but we’ll see. Shame about that because it seems that virtual reality porn was the main selling point of Oculus Rift. Most people only know about Oculus Rift because of those videos of people testing virtual reality porn. Whatever. Good business decision, Facebook.

    When asked about violent games, the company was less clear.

    “Oculus only distributes developer content that meets their terms of service, but they aren’t open to discuss what those terms are at this time,” the spokesman said.

    Once again: virtual violence good, virtual sex bad.

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  • Move Over POV Porn, Virtual Sex To Become A Reality In 2015.

    Is there a better way to simulate sex with a hot pornstar than by grabbing your freshly cleaned Fleshlight and loading up some POV porn?

    By 2015, experts believe that this old way of simulating sex with your favorite pornstar will be obsolete thanks to Oculus Rift’s virtual reality technology.  Continue Reading

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  • Say Goodbye To Advancements In Virtual Sex


    Virtual Sex!

    It was only a few months ago, (November 13th, 2013 to be specific) that we thought virtual sex and robot handjobs were no longer something we had to dream about. Thanks to the rise of Oculus VR, the leader in virtual reality technology, virtual sex and robot handjobs were going to become a reality, and we’d finally be happy.

    However, we can now abandon all hope for hyper-realistic virtual sex because Facebook has bought Oculus VR for a cool $2 Billion.  Continue Reading

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  • Butt & Tongue Controllers: The Future of Adult Gaming


    Adult Gaming

    Now that the PS4 and Xbox One have been released, what do gamers have to look forward to?

    Well, The Verge just shared some cool new projects that may not have a future in mainstream gaming but if they were used in adult gaming…who knows what kind of crazy virtual sex the average adult gamer could be having on a daily/nightly basis?

    So what are these cool new projects? Butt and tongue controllers. Let me show you what they’re all about.  Continue Reading

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  • Virtual Sex and Robot Handjobs Now A Reality


    Robot Handjob

    Well. It finally happened. They finally figured out how to have sex with robots.

    Watch this VR Tenga demo for Oculus Rift in Tokyo:  Continue Reading

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  • Virtual Reality Sex Kit

    Whenever someone mentions virtual reality, I’m quick to shrug it off as something that will come in the future. But the fact is that we’re living in the future. Just look at smartphones. Fifteen years ago, devices like smartphones existed only in science fiction but today everyone’s got one in their pocket.

    Whether you like it or not, the future is now and every day science fiction is turning into reality. As a result virtual reality isn’t something that should be shrugged off anymore.

    Virtual reality is real and Thrixxx has been busy figuring out a way to make virtual reality sex a reality.  Continue Reading

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  • All About Interactive Sex Videos

    Who doesn’t love interactive sex videos (aka POV sex videos, virtual sex videos)? Odds are you won’t be able to have real sex with your favorite pornstar, so interactive sex videos are the next best thing.

    Sex Games Report and The Virtual Sex Review have come together to examine the past, present, and future of interactive sex videos in a nice infographic. So let’s see what we can learn about one of porn’s favorite genres. Continue Reading

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  • Virtual Sex to Rival Real Sex in Strange New Ways

    Experimental virtual sex device

    First, there was phone sex*. Then, there was cybersex. And now we have sexting.

    Scholars can’t agree on who pioneered these innovative techniques for getting your rocks off but who knows where we would be without them.

    Today, I’m very proud to announce a shocking new development in the world of virtual sex. I should say that Futuresex believes there could be a breakthrough soon and there is nothing but somewhat interesting speculation ahead.

    Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Bi-Autoerotic Intercourse.

    Sounds complicated, right? That’s because it is. I’ll do my best to put into laymen’s terms for you laymen.

    Continue Reading

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