• Top Cam Girl Is Getting Her Own Signature Fleshlight

    Fleshlight, makers of the world’s most popular sex toys for men, has inked an exclusive deal with live webcam network Flirt4Free to feature their top cam girl with personalized stroker sleeves.  Continue Reading

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  • Porn vs. Webcams

    The other day I met a cam-girl.

    At first she wouldn’t tell me what she did for a living, but luckily I was able to coax her into admitting she was a cam-girl when I mentioned I worked for

    I remember she said, “Oh, so we both work in the sex industry.” The reality is her job is much different than mine, but I went along with it anyways.

    As we got to talking about her career as a cam-girl, I asked, “Do you think you’ll ever do porn?”

    Without any hesitation she simply said, “No. Never.”

    I was surprised to hear that she had absolutely no interest in doing porn because from my perspective porn always seemed more lucrative and less time consuming than doing live web-cam shows.

    However, if there was one thing that I learned from Porno P.I. (the regular feature where we try to figure out whatever happened to your favorite, long lost pornstars that could return pending the public’s interest) it’s that whenever a pornstar retires, they tend to continue doing live web-cam shows.

    So then I began to think that being a web-cam model was the way to go. Surely if these girls were leaving the porn industry to be web-cam models, web-cam modelling was better than being a pornstar.

    Since I am neither a pornstar or a web-cam model and I have no desire to be, I had to find the answer elsewhere.

    I was lucky enough to get in-touch with Ms. Victoria Rae Black, former pornstar and former web-cam model, and she provided me with an answer to my question, “Why web-cams and not porn?”  Continue Reading

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  • The Best Site For Free Live Web Cams

    To be perfectly honest with you, I’ve never understood the appeal of live web cams. Maybe it’s because I spend 95% of my days on looking at sex pictures and sex videos, I just don’t see why someone would just watch a sexy girl do sexy stuff on live web cams.

    But that’s just me. When I was 18, I became a sex picture and sex video man and I’ll die a sex picture and sex video man.

    Regardless of my preference, a friend of the blog hit me up and told me about a cool new site for live web cams. It’s called and if you like live web cams, you’re going to like it. Continue Reading

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  • Slutroulette = Chatroulette with more boobs!

    Remember February 2010? Queen Rania Al Abdullah had just reformed Jordan’s educational system and the Northern hemisphere was coming down with a bad case of Winter Olympic fever. But all that excitement pales in comparison to the thrill of going on Chatroulette.

    A Chatroulette session only had three possible outcomes in those days (aka the Wild West era of Chatroulette). 70% of the time it would be a man masturbating in a room lit only by his computer screen. 25% of the time it would be a group of jocks hoping to gay call someone gay.

    But 5% of the time you would land on a girl who wanted to flash you. Like so:

    Adult Chatroulette Alternative

    Even though the odds were slim, the idea of seeing a stranger’s boobs for free over the internet was impossible to resist.

    Continue Reading

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