• Smoking Weed Could Save Your Relationship

    Smoking weed is truly a wonderful thing because it has so many positive effects on a person’s life. It makes you laugh at everything. It makes rap music more relatable. It makes you hungry. It makes you forget things instantly. It makes you hungry. And it’s super chill.

    But can smoking weed save your relationship?  Continue Reading

    August 28, 2014 • Sex, Sex & Dating Tips, Sex News • Views: 15446

  • Horny Stoners Rejoice! Weed Lube Is Here!

    MARIJUANA! Do I have your attention now, you GD potheads?

    I certainly hope so because there’s an important new sex product that will change the sex lives of all the horny stoners out there: WEED LUBE.

    Yes it’s true, weed lube is a thing.

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  • Sex On Drugs – Chico’s Sex Advice

    Sex is complicated. No one understands that better than me. That’s why if you have a question about sex, I’m prepared to answer your questions with sexpert sex advice in this special Sex.com Blog feature, Chico’s Sex Advice.

    Today’s question comes from loyal Sex.com Blog pawn “Derz”.

    “Derz” writes:

    Hi Chico. Could you tell me which drugs are the best for sex?  Continue Reading

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  • Miley Cyrus Wins Halloween 2013


    Miley Cyrus Halloween 2013

    Miley “Crazy” Cyrus has been pretty quiet ever since her album Bangerz came out.

    The fact that there hasn’t been a “Miley Cyrus is crazy” headline since the album’s release makes me wonder whether she was genuinely crazy or just playing us all for fools while hyping up her album.

    The only thing we can know for sure is that Miley Cyrus won Halloween 2013. Just check out her super sexy costume:  Continue Reading

    October 31, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 2694