• This Team Skeet Video is Totally Fucked Up in the Best Possible Way

    Team Skeet consistently crushes the competition with their porn videos. If you like watching hot teens get fucked, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Team Skeet.

    However, every now and then they put out a video that’s totally off the rails and down right weird (and sometimes even borderline offensive). They’re latest scene with the extra small sexy pornstar Hollie Mack is what you’d usually expect from Team Skeet, hot sex with a super cute teen pornstar, but with a weird, weird twist.

    Watch the trailer below or stream the full video on Team Skeet nowContinue Reading

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  • Japanese Game Show Makes Men Sing Karaoke While Getting Jerked Off By Hot Asian Girls

    As if singing Karaoke on TV wasn’t humiliating enough, Japanese game show Sing What Happens took the humiliation to a whole new level by forcing men to sing Karaoke while hot Asian girls jerk them off. So now, instead of just trying to make it through three minutes without making the audience’s ears bleed, they know have to focus on not blowing their load too early.

    I know that this game show where hot Asian girls jerk off contestants singing Karaoke doesn’t sound real at all, so watch the video evidence below.  Continue Reading

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  • Do Grapefruits Make Blowjobs Even Better?

    I’ve seen some strange sex tips throughout my life but nothing as strange as this one.

    In the video below, you’ll see Chicago-based sexpert Auntie Angel teaches you how to hollow out a grapefruit and then use it to make blowjobs even better.

    And while this video may seem tame at first when Auntie Angel is going over the proper technique of hollowing out a grapefruit, shit really gets crazy at 2:50 when she starts going to town on a dildo to demonstrate how to use the hollowed grapefruit as the perfect blowjob aid.  Continue Reading

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  • Randy Quaid Posts Bizarre Rant Video and Fucks His Wife in Rupert Murdoch Mask

    In October, 2010, Randy Quaid and wife Evi Quaid were arrested in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and subsequently applied for refugee status on the grounds that they feared for their lives in the United States. They claimed that numerous actors have died under mysterious circumstances committed by the “Hollywood star whackers”. And so asylum from the Hollywood star whackers is as simple as sneaking into Canada?

    Obviously, this is all totally crazy.

    But yesterday, Randy Quaid and wife Evi decided to crank the crazy up a notch by sharing a bizarre, conspiracy-filled rant video railing against Rupert Murdoch, Warner Brothers, News Corp and what he calls “police-media corruption.”

    But the “police-media corruption” isn’t even the strangest part. The real crazy is when Randy puts a Rupert Murdoch mask on Evi Quaid and “fucks” her as Rupert Murdoch at the end.  Continue Reading

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  • Vaginal Shrink Cream Is Downright Disturbing

    “Recapture your vagina’s youth so you can feel tight and wanted again” is the slogan for just one of several vaginal shrink creams available on the market today. Everyone likes a tight pussy, but not like this. Not like this… Continue Reading

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  • This Woman Had A Sex Toy Stuck Inside Of Her For 10 Years!

    (In the interest of not being accused of click-baiting you, I’ll let you know right now that the woman who had a sex toy stuck inside of her is not the woman pictured above. It’s just a hot picture courtesy of MasturbationFun on

    A 38-year old Scottish woman walked in to a hospital last week only to discover that a sex toy had been lodged in her vagina for the last decade.

    Yes. You read that correctly. I’ll repeat it just in case you don’t believe me.

    A 38-year old Scottish woman walked in to a hospital last week only to discover that a sex toy had been lodged in her vagina for the last decade. 10 years! She’s had a sex toy stuck in her vagina for the last 10 years!

    STV News reports that the woman sought medical attention after contracting sepsis. Sepsis is a potentially fatal condition in which the body fends off infection by releasing chemicals into the bloodstream. While the chemicals the body releases fight the infection, they also trigger inflammation that can cause organ damage and potentially organ failure.

    The woman had also been suffering from fatigue, shaking, dramatic weight loss and incontinence. When doctors at the Aberdeen Royal Infirmary were diagnosing the woman, they just so happened to find a five-inch object (sex toy) protruding into the woman’s bladder from her vagina. When asked, “What the fuck?” by the doctors, the woman recalled that she had once used a sex toy during a sexual encounter and never removed it…10 years ago.

    Fortunately, the doctors were able to remove the decade-old sex toy surgically and repair the internal damage it did.

    So let this be a reminder to anyone that’s lost sex toys recently to check your vagina. It could be lodged against your bladder and it could be up there for 10 years without you knowing. It is remarkable to me that only when she was near-death did she remember what happened to that old sex toy.

    Be safe out there guys! Keep track of your sex toys! Don’t let your body hog them!

    [h/t: STV News]

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  • Teen “Definitely Recommends” Having Sex With A Hot Pocket


    It’s kind of like a vagina…I guess…

    If there’s one thing I know about teens, it’s that they’re totally down to fuck anything. I know this not only from’s Teen category but from my own experiences as a teenager sticking my dick into literally anything with a hole.

    A teen known on the internet as @VERSACEPOPTARTS first became internet-famous for tweeting a picture of himself putting his dick through a box of Brown Sugar Pop-Tarts.

    He followed up that effort by sharing a Vine video of himself having sex with a Hot Pocket. The footage of got him banned from Vine and Twitter. He was also blocked by the official Hot Pockets Twitter.

    Though he’s gone from Vine and Twitter, @VERSACEPOPTARTS has no regrets:


    Classic teen.

    But the real question is…what was it like to fuck a Hot Pocket?

    “Yeah, I would definitely recommend it, if you’re lonely. I wouldn’t recommend putting it on Vine, but I’d recommend fuckin’ a Hot Pocket probably. It wasn’t bad. It’s messy, though,” he told First We Feast. “I tried doing it without a condom and it was just, like, way too hot. I put it in the fridge for a little bit and I was like, ‘Dude, I’m gonna have to use a condom if I’m gonna actually stick my dick in the whole Hot Pocket.'”

    At least he used protection.

    So there you go! If you’re feeling lonely this weekend, you can always fuck a Hot Pocket.

    If you’re not sold on the idea of fucking a Hot Pocket, just remember that fucking a Hot Pocket is probably a lot safer and more fun than eating a Hot Pocket.

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  • $42,000 For A Webcam Show?


    Mistress Madeline

    An auction for a private one-hour webcam session with director Mistress Madeline has ended at $42,000.


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  • The Weirdest Sex Laws in the USA

    God Bless America

    God Bless America

    Is your sex life against the law?

    I hope for your own sake that it’s not because anyone who gets convicted of a sexual crime goes to prison with a big bullseye on their back. Seriously, people convicted of sexual crimes are fair game to be beaten to death in prison.

    You may think your sex life is perfectly legal, but iO9 painstakingly reviewed all the laws and made this map of weirdest sex laws in the United States. Please review to ensure that your sex life isn’t illegal:  Continue Reading

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  • Orgasm Facts For National Orgasm Day!

    [schema type=”event” evtype=”Event” url=”” name=”National Orgasm Day” description=”July 31st is National Orgasm Day” sdate=”2013-07-31″ stime=”12:00 am” edate=”2013-08-01″ duration=”23:59″ country=”US” ]

    Did you know that today, July 31st is National Orgasm Day?

    I sure didn’t know!

    Just like Steak and Blowjob Day and Masturbation Month, National Orgasm Day is a sexy alternative holiday that’s all about celebrating orgasms!

    Normally to celebrate such as occasion, I would just throw together some orgasm pictures or orgasm videos (which you can still see by clicking those words). Instead, I’d like share some bizarre orgasms facts.

    After all the more you know about orgasms, the it is easier make them happen (for yourself and your partner).

    Ok! Weird orgasm facts! Here we go!  Continue Reading

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  • Tag-Team The Sexxxtons With Your Dad

    The Sexxxtons mother daughter porn duo

    The Sexxxtons

    Have you met the world’s only mother-daughter pornstar duo, the Sexxxtons?

    Jessica Sexxxton (56) and Monica Sexxxton (22) are mother and daughter. They’re also pornstars that shoot scenes together. But it’s not incest. As Jessica Sexxxton explains, “We don’t have a problem doing two-on-one. We will have sex with one man, but not interact with each other.”

    Jessica Sexxxton noted that this is sometimes difficult to do, but Monica Sexxxton reassured everyone that “our lips never touch” during filming. If they’re lips never touch, then it’s not weird.

    Oh wait…it’s a mother and daughter doing porn together. Yep. It’s still fucking weird.

    Having abandoned any notion of good taste or judgement a long time ago, the Sexxxtons are now embarking on a nation-wide search to find a father and son duo willing to shoot a porn video with them because it just wasn’t weird enough before.  Continue Reading

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  • Major Lazer’s Bubble Butt

    Bubble BUtt

    Bubble Butt

    If there’s one thing that we at the Blog love it’s butts.

    Songs about butts with hilarious and sexy music videos are a close second to butts in general.

    Eric Wareheim has teamed up with Major Lazer again to make the best booty shaking song about butts since Go Loko.

    Let’s check out all the ass shaking.   Continue Reading

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  • Hot Sex Includes Love


    Sex, obviously

    Do you worry that the youth of today are too obsessed with “hooking up” and that it’s destroying human intimacy?

    First of all, mind your own goddamn business and let the youth of today live their lives.

    Second of all, according to the new Great Sex Survey by Durex, “hooking up” is NBD, which is how young people say No Big Deal.

    Allow me to explain… Continue Reading

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  • WTF Sex Dolls

    Sex doll

    Sex doll

    I’m going to be completely honest with you guys for a second…sex dolls scare the shit out of me.

    I have no idea why they scare me so much, but they do. Maybe it has something to do with the uncanny valley…my dislike for innate anthropomorphic things being too human has been well documented…

    Anyways, I saw something on the internet about sex dolls that scared the shit out of me even more!


    It’s called the Ballon Knot… Continue Reading

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  • Happy Steak and Blowjob Day!

    Happy Steak and Blowjob Day!

    Happy Steak and Blowjob Day!

    Did you know that today, March 14th, is Steak and Blowjob Day?

    I understand if you didn’t know because Steak and Blowjob Day is a relatively new holiday, which needs to be celebrated if it’s ever going to take off.

    So why do we celebrate Steak and Blowjob Day? Continue Reading

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  • Sex doll’s virginity up for auction


    In the last year, Brazil has had two high-profile virgin auctions. Now there’s a third virgin auction, but this time the virginity that’s up for auction belongs to a Brazilian sex doll named Valentina. Continue Reading

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  • Introducing the Home Dildo Maker!

    In part 4 of our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide, we told you about the Clone-A-Willy kit that lets you make dildo out of a real live penis.

    But really, do you really want to use a replica of the same boring old penis that struggles to get you off? Am I right, ladies?

    Well, thankfully Francesco Morackini has created the world’s first Dildo Maker so you can make cool new dildos right in your own home!

    Dildo Maker

    Dildo Maker

    Continue Reading

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  • Fetish Friday – Sploshing

    Domino is a stripper, camgirl, and phone sex operator but she also runs and writes The Domino Effect (
    To help us explore all the weird fetishes of the world, she’s brought her weekly feature “Fetish Friday” to the Blog. Enjoy!

    This Fetish Friday’s article is going to be quick and dirty. No pun intended. The topic is sploshing, also known as “wet and messy”.

    Sploshing refers to sex or sexual play that revolves around the use of food or food products, like chocolate sauce, ketchup and peanut butter. It can also involve non-food items, like mud, lotion or paint.

    I think it’s safe to assume that water, baby oil, and milk can also be included in this fetish. For some reason, the sight of milk dripping down someone’s body has always freaked me out.

    Then again, I can’t drink out of the same milk glass as another person, so maybe it’s just one of my many quirks. The messy stuff can be anywhere on the body, especially the face.

    Continue Reading

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  • Valentine’s Gift Guide (part 5) – Oral Sex

    Almost there.

    Just two days away from Valentine’s Day.

    If you haven’t gotten your sweetheart anything, I have bad news for you…

    It’s too late. You’ll never find a good present because everything’s been bought. The only thing you can do now is start thinking of times you didn’t forget Valentine’s Day as a counterpoint for the big fight you’re about to have.

    Really though, it doesn’t matter. So you missed Valentine’s Day? There will be one next year! And to make sure you don’t get sent into the doghouse next Valentine’s Day, we’ve got an amazing gift idea for you and your sweetheart.

    Oral sex enhancers!

    Continue Reading

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  • Valentine’s Day Gift Guide (part 4) – DIY Dildos

    Oh no.

    We’re less than a week from Valentine’s Day.

    The worst part about Valentine’s Day must be seeing couples do romantic things. It’s a painful reminder that you’ve never loved anyone. The only reason that you even see anyone at all is to satisfy your sexual appetite.

    But the second worst part is definitely the shopping. Shopping is hard no matter what the occasion is. But this ain’t just any occasion. It’s Valentine’s Day. If your present stinks, you could go without sex for months! Which is totally unfair, by the way.

    To save your sex life, we here at have taken it upon ourselves to provide the best possible gift suggestion this Valentine’s Day. That’s why we’re back with the fourth installment of’s Valentine’s Day Gift Guide.

    Continue Reading

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