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  • Ask Marni by – Asking A Woman on a Second Date

    In our first Ask Marni by video dating tips, Marni answered Steve’s question:

    “Hi Marni, I would like to know you can get a second date. Should I wait for the girl to suggest that we should see each other again? Because, I’ve read that advice from other male dating ‘experts.’
    “Is it okay to say  ‘I would like to do this or that, do you want to come with me?’ Or something like that?”

    Marni advises: “Of course, you can ask for a second date if you want to go on them. I don’t agree with getting her to ask you because most women are not going to ask you and therefore you lose out. LEAD. It’s your job to lead. As a man, always lead. The more you lead the more a woman would be inclined to follow. Why? Because when you lead and take on the masculine role it allows a woman to fall into a feminine role and that’s what women want most, to feel feminine. Women experience a hidden level of attraction when they feel the most feminine.

    One time when my girlfriend and I were hanging out; she told me about her new boyfriend and the way he asked her out at the end of each date. She said that the way he asked her left no room for her to say no. She had no choice but to say yes to his invite because it was direct, confident and attractive.

    So here is how you will end each date. Say this:

    “<name>, I had a great time hanging out with you”

    Then recall something that you learnt about her on the date or something or that she said or something funny she shared. Then ask her:

    “I would to take you to a movie are you free?”

    The reason why this approach is so attractive is because you’re stating what you want and relaying that to her. The response to that question is yes or no. Clean cut. Try it.

    Alright Steve I hope that answered your question.

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    – Marni.

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