Winter Olympics

  • Nikki Benz Giving Lap Dances To Olympic Medalists


    Nikki Benz

    When the US Olympic Hockey team lost to Canada in the semi-finals, adult superstar Nikki Benz provided a silver lining. She promised via Twitter that she would give free lap dances to everyone on the team. Now she’s extending that offer of free lap dances to any Sochi Olympic medalists.

    “If you won a medal at the Olympics, just bring it into any club I am featuring at in the month of March, and I will give you a lap dance you will remember,” Benz told Xbiz. “Think of it as a reward for all your Olympic efforts. Gold, silver or bronze? It doesn’t matter. What can I say … I love Olympians. Don’t worry, what happens in the Champagne room stays in the Champagne room.”

    And what about us regular Nikki Benz fans that aren’t Olympic medalists but still feel as though we deserve a lap dance good enough for an Olympian?

    “If you are not an Olympian please stop by as well,” Benz said. “I always put Olympic effort into my lap dances.”

    If you’re not already working on making a counterfeit Sochi Olympic medal, then maybe this video of Nikki Benz in the Champagne room will motivate you like the Olympian you will later pretend to be:

    Benz’s next club appearance is slated for this weekend at Scores in West Palm Beach, Florida.

    To find out if Nikki Benz is coming to your city, I recommend following her on Twitter and Instagram.

    Twitter: @NikkiBenz

    Instagram: NikkiBenz

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  • The Onion Reports on Sex In Sochi’s Olympic Village


    Go for the gold!

    All the news coverage of the Sochi Winter Olympics has been inexplicably focused on the sporting events, with hardly anyone talking about how much sex the athletes are having in the Olympic Village.

    Everyone knows that the Olympic Village is basically a two week long hook-up fest. I mean, you have all the best athletes in the world living together. They are in peak physical condition. Specimens of human perfection. How are they not supposed to fuck each other?

    Earlier this week, 23 year-old snowboarder Jamie Anderson revealed that using popular hook-up app Tinder in the Olympic Village was Tinder on a whole new level. And while that news certainly is awesome, it’s not quite the level of juicy, Olympic sex gossip we’ve been hoping for since the games opened last Friday.

    Thankfully, The Onion has just released a new report that reveals just how much sex Olympians are having in Sochi. Let’s take The Onion’s sex tour of the Olympic Village!

    Olympic Village Tour: See Where The Athletes Live, Train And Fuck Each Other

    Note: Before you leave a comment saying that this isn’t real, I know it’s not real. The Onion is America’s greatest parody news source and this fake report was too good not to share with a straight face. Sorry if you thought it was real!

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