• Study Says Women Prefer Flab Over Abs

    According to a new study commissioned to mark the UK DVD release of Neighbours, starring Seth Rogen and Zac Efron, three out of four British women would choose a man with a great big gut over a perfectly chiseled muscle man.

    For those of you keeping score, that’s approximately 23 million British, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish women that find six packs to be a TURN OFF. Meanwhile, 96% of women reported that they predict a date with a muscle-bound hunk to be a total waste of an evening.

    Let’s get one thing straight before you trade in your gym membership for a trough filled with ice cream: the results of this Seth Rogen sponsored study does not mean that women hate men with sinewy…toned…muscular…hot bodies. Hell, as a straight man, I can’t help but get hard thinking about Zac Efron and his hot abs (Seth Rogen has a good joke about it in Neighbors but I forget what it was. Can anyone even remember May 2014 anyway?).

    It’s more that women like the fantasy of muscular men but when it comes to real life, a flabby man is the way to go. Why? Because 74% of women in the survey said they’d feel self-conscious taking their clothes off in front of a Zac Efron-style Adonis. His discipline and commitment to making his body better in contrast with their own listlessness.

    You must have unshakeable confidence if you’re never self-conscious about your body. It happens to everyone because the society’s standard for the ideal body is not a realistic goal.

    Is it any wonder that women feel that a woman who doesn’t give a shit about his own appearance would be less critical of hers? Sadly, that’s not always the case. If you’re a fat slob of a man that doesn’t do anything to tend to himself while critiquing your partner’s appearance, go to Hell.

    So while the majority of women would choose Seth Rogen over Zac Efron, I’m curious to know how you guys feel about women.

    I think it’s fair to say that by in large, men are shallower than women. But that’s just my hypothesis! Prove me wrong!

    Why did I put that last option about having a huge dick in there? You’re all going to vote that your huge dick is the source of infinite confidence and it immediately makes you the most attractive man ever because men who read sex blogs feel the need to overcompensate. Sadly, having a big dick isn’t so great.

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  • No Pain No Gain: Man’s Libido Not Affected by Pain

    You remember all of the times that a woman has claimed that she has a headache or isn’t feeling well so that she doesn’t have to have sex with you?

    Turns out she might not be fabricating a huge web of lies just to avoid the weird and startling sight of your naked body.

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  • Survey Says Men Prefer Virgins and Women Prefer Experienced Men

    A new international survey has confirmed what we’ve long suspected about the sexual preferences of men and women. Women like experienced lovers, whereas men prefer virgins. That shouldn’t be too surprising given the outrageous sums of money some men are willing to pay in those online virginity auctions that are all the rage.

    While both sexes wanted their partners to be fun-loving and energetic (as opposed to fun-hating and lazy? C’mon survey, what the fuck? Give us some interesting results. No one wants to date someone fun-hating and lazy…unless of course she’s the misery chick.), women were interested in men who were actively dating because they’re more comfortable and confident as partners.

    Meanwhile, men expressed a preference for the innocent “girl next door” type who had little or no sexual experience. NO WONDER MEN AND WOMEN HAVE SUCH A HARD TIME GETTING ALONG, RIGHT?

    It’s hard for me to take these results seriously for two reasons.

    1. Everyone lies about sex.

    2. If men prefer “girl next door” types with little or no sexual experience, then why are MILFs consistently popular?

    If you ask me, there’s nothing fun about having sex with a virgin. It’s clumsy and awkward and ultimately a huge disappointment for the virgin because sex has been so overhyped for her entire life. I suppose there are men in this world egotistical enough to want to be a woman’s first, because taking someone’s virginity allows you to think that they’ll remember you forever, which must help with some delusions of self-importance or immortality fantasies some men have.

    Or worse yet, maybe men prefer virgins because they are “purer” or “cleaner” than women with experience. If that’s how you think, then get over yourself. There’s nothing wrong with an experienced woman. If you’ve never had sex with an experienced woman, I’m willing to bet that you have no idea that you’re actually having terrible sex.

    So in short, us men have a lot to learn about our sexual partner preferences from women. Women, always a step ahead of men.

    If you’re a man that prefers virgins, please explain why in the comments.

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  • Closing The Orgasm Gap: How To Make Women Cum During Casual Sex

    Now that women are having more casual sex, sex-scholars have discovered what they believe to be an “orgasm gap”.

    The orgasm gap theory basically states that women will enjoy about one orgasm for every three orgasms a man enjoys. According to a study by the Kinsey Institute, women are twice as likely to orgasm when they have sex with a sexual partner they’ve been in a long term relationship as opposed to a one night stand or casual sex. Meanwhile, men are twice as likely to orgasm during casual sex or a one night stand.

    So while we’re all having a lot of fun fucking whoever we want with no emotional connection or relationship to spoil the sex, the truth is that women are getting the short end of the dick stick. That ain’t right!

    But don’t worry ladies, you’re in luck. Social psychologist and sex educator Dr. Justin Lehmiller of The Psychology of Human Sexuality fame collect 13,484 responses from college-aged women in an online survey to determine what makes women orgasm when they’re having casual sex. And lucky for us, Dr. Lehmiller compiled all his findings in this handy infographic.

    Pay close attention if you want to help close the orgasm gap, or at the very least help the woman you’re having casual sex orgasm for once:  Continue Reading

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  • SIZE DOES MATTER! Not Dick Size, But Clit Size


    I’ve always known that penis size really doesn’t matter. And no matter how many men I tell that to, they’re still self-conscious and ashamed of their tiny penises.

    Well there’s no need to feel self-conscious or ashamed of your tiny penis any more (other than in change rooms or big penis competitions)! A new study has found reason to believe that it’s not our tiny penises that’s the problem giving women orgasms, it’s actually their tiny clitorises!   Continue Reading

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  • 75 Percent of Men Want Their Partners To Look Like Pornstars



    Ladies porn magazine Cosmopolitan surveyed 4,000 men and 4,000 women to find out what they think about porn.  Continue Reading

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  • 10 Things Men Do Subconsciously That Women Can’t Resist


    Is anyone else surprised that sending dick pics isn’t one of the 10?

    Ever since I started answering your sex questions, the question I get asked the most is, “How do I attract a woman?”

    Obviously, it’s an important question and truthfully I don’t know how to attract women. I’d love to help you all attract women but I can’t explain how I do it. You see, I’ve been graced with a beautiful face and naturally clear, soft skin. So if I were to try and answer the “How do I attract a woman?” question, the only advice I’d be able to give is:

    1. Be handsome
    2. Be cool

    I know being handsome and cool will attract women but I can’t teach you how to be handsome or cool.

    So you were S out of luck until now.

    Female redditors have just revealed  the Top 10 things that men do subconsciously that women find SUPER ATTRACTIVE. So are you ready to find out what women find attractive?  Continue Reading

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  • Rich Women Have The Best Sex


    Is this what a rich woman looks like? Covered in jewels and fur?

    Are you a woman looking to improve your sex life?

    There are a lot of different things you can do to improve it, but according to a new study, the best way women can improve their sex lives is to GET RICH (or die trying)Continue Reading

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  • The Women You’ll Meet On New Year’s Eve (and How To Have Sex with Them)


    Happy New Year!

    I think I’ve finally figured out why people love New Year’s Eve so much.

    You see, most people don’t get black-out drunk and have sex every day like me. They have to wait until New Year’s Eve to let go of all their inhibitions to finally make mistakes and do irreparable harm to their bodies.

    There are two attitudes to take going in to a New Year’s Eve. You’re either pleased with the past year and looking forward to more success or you totally blew it and you’re depressed. Either way, you get a group of happy drunk or sad drunk people in a room together, somebody’s going to get laid.

    So without any more preamble, I’d like to tell you men all about the women you’ll meet on New Year’s Eve and how you can have sex with them. Continue Reading

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  • Picking Up Women With Augmented Reality

    The Future of Picking Up Women

    The Future of Picking Up Women

    Wouldn’t it be great if you had a computer chip implanted into your brain that could guide you through life? Unfortunately, that kind of technology is only available in dystopian futures, right?


    Well the computer chip brain implant is still a few years away but in the meantime New York-based tech company, Infinity Augmented Reality, is working on augmented reality glasses that will run your life.

    Finally you’ll be able to do cool things like play pool, drive a car, ride a bike, and pick-up women! Because we’ve never been able to do any of those things without the help of a computer.

    Just watch Infinity AR’s promo video to see how you might be able to use augmented reality to pick up women in the near future:  Continue Reading

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  • 24/7 Porn For Women Channel Coming Soon


    Stock photo of woman watching porn

    BREAKING NEWS: Women watch porn!

    Ok, that’s not really breaking news, everyone knows that women watch porn (at least I hope you know). But there’s something coming to America that should facilitate women watching porn. It’s a 24/7 porn for women channel called Dusk and here’s what you need to know about it.  Continue Reading

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  • Does Sex Still Sell?


    Quality advertising

    Everyone knows that sex sells. But then again, 600 years ago everyone knew that the world was flat. The thing about universal truths like “the Earth is flat” or “sex sells” is that eventually they become untrue and it takes a while for people to catch on. So I’m asking you, does sex still sell?

    According to a new study published in the journal of the Association for Psychological Science, women don’t respond well to sexy advertisements, unless the sexy ads are for a product or service that is “superior and expensive.”  Continue Reading

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  • How To Give Women Better Head

    You already know what this is

    You already know what this is

    If you saw yesterday’s post Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian Porn, you know that straight men aren’t totally opposed to giving women head, but they’re unwilling to perform oral sex on women because they’re afraid they’ll be bad at it.

    Classic men, so stupid.

    Obviously no one wants to be bad at sex in any of its forms, but the only way you’ll ever get good is through trial and error. You have to give lots of head and try new things if you want to be known for your pussy eating abilities. So when the opportunity arises, no matter how confident you are in your ability to give a woman head, you have to try.

    But before you start going down on any woman with enough patience to let you perfect your pussy eating skills, I’d like to get you started with a tip to giving women better head. Ready? To give women better head, all you need to do is have some variety.

    I think the most common mistake men make when giving a woman head is that they don’t lick with any creativity. Obviously licking an erogenous zone like the vagina is pleasurable, but if it’s just a straight up and down with the tongue it can get boring. Monotony and sex never works.

    So now that you know the importance of variety, here are some licking variations you can try to give women better head.  Continue Reading

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  • Why Straight Girls Love Lesbian Porn

    Hold on to your butts because I’m about to drop some serious knowledge on you…STRAIGHT WOMEN LIKE PORN.

    Of course, the porn you watch is a very individual thing, but for the most part, straight women prefer lesbian porn.

    The reason I think straight women prefer watching lesbian over say blowjob porn or anal porn is because there are no men. As soon as a man enters a porn movie, the focus becomes his pleasure. Guys, this may shock you, but sticking your penis into every available orifice of a woman’s body for a rough pounding isn’t something that appeals to most women. That includes their personal sex lives and the porn they watch. What’s shown in most porn is the male notion of pleasure and it’s just work for women. Except for in lesbian porn.

    In lesbian porn, there are no men (obviously). In their absence, the focus is solely on women receiving pleasure. Because that’s all porn is right? We want to see people receiving sexual pleasure and live vicariously through them while we masturbate. Right? So if there is no correct representation of female sexual pleasure in any other porn but lesbian porn, why wouldn’t it appeal to straight women?

    But hey, what do I know? I’m just a regular, old pornography and sex expert. Let’s hear why straight girls love lesbian porn from a bunch of well-known lesbian vloggers:

    Oh boy, not this again.

    Straight guys, are you really afraid to go down on straight girls? I can understand not wanting to be bad at it. I’ll write-up some new cunnilingus tips to help you. But seriously, if you are afraid to give head, grow a pair and get down there. It’s almost 2014, you should be OK giving head to a sexy lady.

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  • What Men and Women Regret After Sex


    Sex and Regret

    Maybe it’s just me, but for me sex is synonymous with regret. If you ever have the misfortune of seeing my naked body, you’ll understand exactly what I mean.

    But I’ve always been curious to know what people regret most about their sex lives. Thankfully a new study from the University of Texas and the University of California, Los Angeles has found out what men and women regret most about sex. And the results are going to shock the pants off of you. Continue Reading

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  • Online Daters Love Asian Women


    Online dating

    I feel sorry for all those single guys online trying to get dates with Asian women. Little do they know that Asian women are the most sought after, thus the competition for a date with an Asian woman must be fierce.

    Online dating site Are You Interested? analyzed over 2.4 million interactions on their site and found that Asian women are the most likely to get a message from a man of any race, except Asian.

    AYI also found that white men are the most pursued by women of all races, except black women. And unfortunately, black women are the least likely to get a message from anyone.

    Hm…interesting. Why are black women so unpopular? Do you think maybe men are afraid that once they hook-up with a black woman, their options will be limited for life because they can never go back to not dating a black woman?

    Well, these new findings from AYI have got me in the mood to experiment.

    Here’s the experiment.

    Close your eyes and imagine your perfect woman.

    Now tell me, what race is she?

    Thanks for voting!

    Experiment over. Resume masturbating to something on Sex.com.

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  • Women Prefer Alone Time Over Sex



    According to a new survey by Celestial Seasonings, 76 percent of women would choose “me-time” or alone time over sex.  Continue Reading

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  • Chico’s Sex Advice – Girls For Friendship and Love


    This girl is perfect for friendship and love

    Sex is complicated. No one understands that better than me. That’s why if you have a question about sex, I’m prepared to answer your questions with sexpert sex advice in this special Sex.com Blog feature, Chico’s Sex Advice.

    Today’s question comes from a loyal Sex.com Blog pawn by the name of Millie.

    Mille asks,

    “Hi Chico. First I have to tell you I like u so much. And I want to know how can I have a girl for friendship and love?”

    First I have to tell you that I like you so much Millie!

    Now, how can you get a girl for friendship and love?  Continue Reading

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  • The Sexiest Body Types For Women

    Nikki Benz and Kortney Kane

    Big fake boobs are out

    A decade ago, one in eight women said that they aspired to have a “pornstar body”.

    That means big fake boobs, thin waist, exaggerated ass, etc. You’ve all seen pornstars before, you know what I mean.

    A new study has found that women aren’t aspiring to have the pornstar body anymore. Only one in two hundred women said that they still want to the big boobs and minuscule waist.

    Young women are saying that the pornstar body is “tacky and dated” and describing it as “overhyped, oversexed and demeaning”.

    This image of pornstars (I’m talking huge boobs, blonde hair, and tiny waist) is even dated within the adult industry. In fact, if you were to calculate the average of every pornstar in the adult industry to create the “generic pornstar” you would get a brunette with size 34B boobs. But you can read more about that in this article:

    What Can We Learn From 10,000 Pornstars?

    In addition to rejecting the pornstar body, more women are finding the plus-sized look or BBW‘s more attractive (up from 1.5% to 3%) and they’re also rejecting the super thin Kate Moss-look. Only 7% feel the pin-thin figure is attractive.

    So with the pornstar body and super-thin figure falling out of favor and the plus-sized body slowly gaining ground, what body types do women find the most attractive?

    There are two:

    1. Fit not thin
    2. The “Soft Body”

    What exactly are the features of these two new sexiest body types? Well, allow me to explain them to you.  Continue Reading

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  • Holly Randall’s Gaydar Is Broken

    Before Holly Randall was the world’s best erotic photographer, she wrote a column for Sex.com. Because Holly Randall isn’t just a beautiful woman and talented photographer, she’s also a great writer!

    Holly’s been kind enough to dig up some of her old pieces and let us re-share them with the internet.

    Today, Holly Randall has taken some time off from shooting the best erotic photos for Playboy, Twisty’s, and HollyRandall.com to talk about the difficulties of dating with a broken gaydar.

    He was my type: tall, skinny, intellectual, and a bit shy. He was also slightly punky, a testament to my high school years when I used to wear a lot of black and listen to Screeching Weasel and Minor Threat, and decided that dyeing my hair blue was a really good idea.

    He was the teacher’s assistant in my Greek Mythology class at UCLA, and unlike the professor who tended to spit into his audience as he released his incredibly fiery diatribes, my crush remained quiet next to the projector screen. He was either reading his notes or pretending to be mildly amused by the professor’s enthusiasm on the subject of sympathetic magic and the importance of Lamellae plates in magic rituals. And I imagine he also noticed that the excitement produced an abundance of salvia (which has no choice but to be expelled somehow) in our learned professor’s mouth.

    In group sessions, which were held once a week, I was his favorite. I must admit, I’m a bit of a teacher’s pet– I always sit in the front of the class, answer and ask questions, and arrive early. By the second week my professors always knew my name. This gorgeous TA always praised my essays, my literary interpretations, and my participation in discussions. I was sure he was hitting on me. I knew my professor did.  Continue Reading

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