• The Best Sex Links

    Hey guys! It’s Monday and it’s hot and it stinks. So let’s get straight to the BEST SEX LINKS.

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has pictures of Jessica Alba looking gorgeous. At first glance it’s like, “Oh damn, Jessica Alba, nice outfit girl.” But then you look closer and you see Jessica Alba’s nipples poking through. JESSICA ALBA’S NIPPLES.

    PEEPERZ has pictures of an incredibly sexy nude model by the name of Marcia A. Highly erotic. Perfect pictures for the extremely horny. MARCIA A. IS DOWN RIGHT GORGEOUS.

    THE NIP SLIP just found an entire gallery of Sport Illustrated Swimsuit Model Zoe Duchesne topless on a yacht. It’s like they went into my dreams and took photos. ZOE DUCHESNE TOPLESS ON A YACHT.

    Do you guys like Anna Paquin? Hope so because DRUNKEN STEPFATHER has her topless scene from the latest episode of True Blood. Jeez, that show is still on? ANNA PAQUIN TOPLESS IN TRUE BLOOD.

    CELEBS EMPIRE has a bunch of hot Adriana Lima gifs. Awesome. SEXY ADRIANA LIMA GIFS.

    Busty babe Cat is your girl of the day: CAT IS LEAVING US BREATHLESS.

    BOOBIE BLOG has a clip of Rhian Sugden dressed up like a geek and teasing the audience with her big tits. RHIAN SUGDEN IS A BUSTY GEEK.

    IMAGEPOST has some new X-Art stuff. A stunning new Czech teen named Julie stars in a new X-Art video and you’re going to love her. JULIE FROM X-ART.



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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Well, well, well…what have we here? A collection of the best sex on the internet besides what can already be found on the mainpage of Sex.com? Why yes! We do! So strap yourself in and get ready to see some hot sex because this is THE BEST SEX LINKS!

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has a picture of Kate Middleton’s, that is to say future Queen of England Kate Middleton, bare bottom. Wait. Will Kate Middleton be the future Queen of England? Or is she just like a duchess? Regardless of her future title may or may not be, there’s no questioning Kate Middleton’s hotness. SEE KATE MIDDLETON’S ASS ON TAXI DRIVER MOVIE.

    Question: “What are you doing for the next 23 minutes?” Answer: “Listening to Aaliyah Love’s new interview on Peeperz Radio because I can’t get enough of that petite blonde pornstar.” LISTEN TO AALYIAH LOVE ON PEEPERZ RADIO.

    You know who’s a very hot celebrity? Ashley Greene. Too bad she’s only really been in the Twilight movies. The good news is that THE NIP SLIP has candid pictures of Ashley Greene showing a lot of nipple. ASHLEY GREENE ON THE NIP SLIP.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER found pictures of Gisele Bundchen posing completely nude for Lui Magazine. I like Gisele, she’s good looking, but the fact that she’s married to Tom Brady really grosses me out. Maybe if you have no contempt for everything New England, then you’ll like these pictures. GISELE BUNDCHEN NUDE ON DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    Hey, it’s time to take a trip down memory lane to 2008 when Dita Von Teese posed for a seriously hot Playboy set. DITA VON TEESE PLAYBOY PICTURES VIA CELEBS EMPIRE.

    Mellisa Clarke fans! YOUR DAILY GIRL has Mellisa Clarke’s new Page 3 photos with her posing topless in a pool. Ain’t nothing better. MELLISA CLARKE TOPLESS IN A POOL VIA YOUR DAILY GIRL.

    Summer is upon us. What better way to celebrate the return of summer than by watching busty pornstar Siri hose down her massive tits? SIRI WITH A WATER HOSE VIA BOOBIE BLOG.

    IMAGE POST has a preview video and a gallery from X-Art featuring two of the sexiest lesbian pornstars you’ll ever see. You’re going to love it. TWO HOT LESBIANS VIA IMAGEPOST.

    FLESHBOT sat down with Asian anal queen and popular pornstar Asa Akira to ask her five quick questions. You can’t not check it out. ASA AKIRA INTERVIEW ON FLESHBOT.

    SINN & SKINN an hour long compilation of hot nude babes gyrating to house music. If that sounds like your kind of thing, here’s the link: ONE HOUR OF NUDE BABES DANCING VIA SINN AND SKINN.

    Are you obsessed with Bar Refaeli? Then PRETTY HOT AND SEXY has you covered with the Bar Refaeli topless issue of Elle Spain. Enjoy! BAR REFAELI TOPLESS.


    SEXY BLOCK hooked us up with one of the best twerk videos of all time. Damn that Russian girl’s got ass! RUSSIAN BABES TWERK VIDEO VIA SEXY BLOCK.

    Leanna Decker’s back, showing off those amazing big tits, looking damn fine with that red hair. Everything about this gallery from BUSTY BLOOM is dope. LEANNA DECKER STRIPTEASE VIA BUSTY BLOOM.

    A sexy Hungarian babe named Andrea taking off her clothes for Playboy? YES PLEASE. ANDREA’S STRIPTEASE VIA TOPBABESBLOG.

    Can you handle 48 minutes of Juelz Ventura having anal sex? I don’t think you can but I CAN LICK IT believes in you. I think it’s too hot for you to handle. Prove me wrong, folks! JUELZ VENTURA ANAL SEX VIDEO VIA I CAN LICK IT. 

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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Hey, hey, hey. What’s up hotdogs? Are y’all ready to see the best sex on the internet? Of course you are. That’s why you always check THE BEST SEX LINKS. Or maybe you just like my little write-ups about what our favourite sites have been posting. I’m sure that’s not the case but regardless, I’m very flattered. ANYWAYS, on to the links!

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has pictures of a Kylie Minogue upskirt. Musically, Kylie Minogue will always be second to Madonna, but in terms of sex appeal, I have to go with my girl Kylie over Madonna. It’s really too bad she’s Australian. KYLIE MINOGUE UPSKIRT PICTURES.

    PEEPERZ has a new interview with Holly Michaels. I like Holly Michaels. She seems cool, and she has a nice rack and no gag reflex. What’s not to like about her? Get to know Holly Michaels a little bit better with this interview. HOLLY MICHAELS INTERVIEW.

    THE NIP SLIP has a quick little video of supermodel Emily DiDonato topless for Armani perfume. I can’t explain why mainstream fashion has these hot models getting topless so often and so readily available for all to see, but I LIKE IT. EMILY DIDONATO TOPLESS.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER stepping on our toes a little bit here. The next girl to be featured in BABES ON INSTAGRAM was going to be Bryana Holly, but they beat us to the punch. Oh well! Doesn’t matter who’s posting about Bryanna Holly, as long as someone is fapping to her. BRYANA HOLLY INSTAGRAM MODEL.

    Hey, you guys like babes with big tits right? Of course you do. Here’s a gallery of Holly Peers showing off her glorious big tits that everyone who likes big tits is sure to love. HOLLY PEERS SHOWS OFF HER BIG TITS.

    For a while, Nicole Neal was my absolute favorite babe. I’m still a fan of hers but I’m not totally obsessed. Well, until YOUR DAILY GIRL posted Nicole Neal’s new Page 3 photos. Now, I’m happy to say that my obsession with Nicole Neal is back in full swing! NICOLE NEAL PAGE 3 PICTURES.

    Bad news for everyone that watches Game Of Thrones. They’re taking a week off. So that means no new episode tonight. The good news is BOOBIE BLOG has a gallery of MILF pornstar Brandi Love as Cersei. So while you won’t get to see Emilia Clarke nude this week, at least your Game Of Thrones cosplay fetish can be satisfied with Brandi Love. BRANDI LOVE AS CERSEI IN GAME OF THRONES PORN PARODY.

    IMAGE POST has a video and a gallery of Caprice and Carrie fucking their boyfriends in pool via X-Art. It’s truly awesome. The only thing that would have made it better than it already is if it was me having sex with Caprice and Carrie in a pool. Maybe next time. CAPRICE AND CARRIE GO TWO BY TWO.

    FLESHBOT asks yet another tough question: Which MILF pornstar do you like better? This time, they’re asking you to choose between two of the best MILFs in the biz, Julia Ann and India Summer. I don’t know how you good choose one or the other, but watch the videos they’ve provided for you and see if you can make a decision. JULIA ANN VS. INDIA SUMMER.

    MORAZZIA has a sexy striptease gallery featuring gorgeous brunette Anastasia Harris. She’s the kind of sexy that doesn’t need to take her clothes off, but thank God she does! ANASTASIA HARRIS STRIPTEASE.

    I can’t say that I’m familiar with the work of Giselle Avendano, but SINN & SKINN just shared some of her sexy twitpics on their blog. Once you check them out, you’ll want to see more from this super hot Colombian pornstar. HOT PORNSTAR TWEET GISELLE AVENDANO.

    Do you guys like Michelle Rodriguez? She’s good looking, for sure. However, she’s always been too tomboyish for me to crack that upper echelon of favorite sexy celebrity. But for those of you that love Michelle Rodriguez, PRETTY HOT AND SEXY has a collection of Michelle Rodriguez bikini candids in Cannes. In the pictures, she’s getting up close and personal with a dude. I guess she’s not dating Cara Delevingne anymore? Either way, MICHELLE RODRIGUEZ BIKINI CANDIDS.

    Hey speaking of bikini candids, THE FEEDING TUBE has found some Helen Flanagan bikini candids. If you like boobs and minor British celebrities, then you’ll love this. HELEN FLANAGAN BIKINI CANDIDS.

    Here at the Sex.com Blog, we’ve always been fans of Madelyn Monroe. Especially when she was a redhead. But now she’s blonde and SEXYBLOCK has a collection of Madelyn Monroe sexy selfies that’s worth looking at for several hours. MADELYN MONROE IS SEXY BEYOND BELIEF.

    SEE EMILY BORN’S BIG TITS VIA BUSTY BLOOM. That one just kind of speaks for itself.

    Petite babes can be so naughty. Add Mandy Kay to your list of hottest, naughty petites because she’s hot and naughty and petite. MANDY KAY NAUGHTY PETITE VIA TOPBABESBLOG.

    I CAN LICK IT found a video of a blowjob mistress giving the most perfect blowjob ever. WATCH IT. BLOWJOB MISTRESS SHOWS YOU A PROPER BLOWJOB.

    I CAN LICK IT also made a cool T-shirt in celebration of May being masturbation month. Though May is almost over, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t advertise #maYsturbation month all year round. GET THE #MAYSTURBATION T-SHIRT.


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  • The Best Sex Links!

    Welcome back to another edition of THE BEST SEX LINKS! Shall we see what our sexy friends have been sharing this week? Yes, let’s.

    TAXI DRIVER MOVIE has pictures of Rosie Huntington-Whitely’s ass cheeks via Vogue. As many of have probably already guessed, Rosie Huntington Whitely’s ass is out of this world. SEE ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELY’S ASS ON TAXI DRIVER MOVIE.

    PEEPERZ invites you to take a look at Vanessa Williams in Penthouse back before she was a botoxed freak. Man, was she ever fine. VANESSA WILLIAMS PENTHOUSE PICTURES FROM 1983 VIA PEEPERZ.

    THE NIP SLIP has more Rita Ora sexy candids. She might be tearing up the music charts, but we’ll always respect her first and foremost for her recent domination of porn blogs. RITA ORA SEXY CANDIDS ON THE NIP SLIP.

    DRUNKEN STEPFATHER has pictures of Maite Perroni in a bikini. Maite Perroni is a Mexican singer and actress that you’ve probably never heard of. But if you like latinas with sexy curves, this is right up your alley. MAITE PERRONI BIKINI PICS ON DRUNKENSTEPFATHER.

    CELEBS EMPIRE is a great site, with one of the most comprehensive collections of nude celebrities. Today, I recommend you look at their selection of CARMEN ELECTRA PLAYBOY PICS.

    YOUR DAILY GIRL has Ashley Benson’s sexy photo shoot from Complex. So check it out. ASHLEY BENSON IS YOUR DAILY GIRL.

    Remind me…you guys like big tits right? Well, if so, then BOOBIE BLOG‘s free gallery of Jelena Jensen exposing her big tits will make your day. JELENA JENSEN STRIPS OUT OF A YELLOW DRESS ON BOOBIE BLOG.

    IMAGE POST has a preview video and a free gallery via X-Art of a new Czech hottie named Laura. She’s not unlike Caprice in terms of looks and sexual prowess. You’re going to love her because of that and she’s Czech, which immediately makes her super hot. LAURA’S X-ART DEBUT VIA IMAGE POST.

    FLESHBOT has an exclusive new interview with super sexy pornstar Sovereign Syre. If she’s not already one of your all-time favorites, she will be once you’re done the interview. SOVEREIGN SYRE EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW ON FLESHBOT.

    MORAZZIA is on top of the hottest free porn galleries. Today, they’ve got a gallery featuring the incredibly sexy Kendall Karson as a masseuse that gives very happy endings. Very, very happy endings. KENDALL KARSON’S HAPPY ENDING MASSAGE VIA MORAZZIA.

    SINN & SKINN has a very sexy, very sensual video of model Gigi Paris seducing some hunk on the beach. It’s not hardcore or anything, but Gigi Paris is topless and it’s very erotic. GIGI PARIS SEXY NUDE BEACH VIDEO VIA SINN & SKINN.

    Do you like looking at pictures of beautiful women wearing lingerie? Of course you do. Everyone does. Well, you’re going to need to see PRETTY HOT AND SEXY‘s gallery of the stunning Bregje Heinen in lingerie. BREGJE HEINEN IN LINGERIE VIA PRETTY HOT AND SEXY.

    THE FEEDING TUBE has gone above and beyond the call of duty by providing us with Alyssa Arce beach candids. Like us, the good people over at the Feeding Tube agree that Alyssa Arce is the perfect woman. One look at Alyssa Arce candid at the beach will have you agreeing with us. ALYSSA ARCE BEACH CANDIDS VIA THE FEEDING TUBE.

    TOP BABES BLOG has a gallery of the truly beautiful British model Rae in her Playboy debut. Watch out for Rae, because if she keeps putting out pictures this hot, she’s going to be a superstar. SEE RAE’S PLAYBOY PICS ON TOP BABES BLOG.

    I CAN LICK IT has a honeymoon sex video. Now, I’ve been in the adult industry long enough to tell you that this isn’t a real honeymoon sex video. It’s an X-Art video starring Silvie Delux. That said, it’s still worth watching because you can never have enough Silvie Delux and her long, sexy legs in your life. SILVIE DELUX’S HONEYMOON SEX VIDEO ON I CAN LICK IT.

    What better way to end the BEST SEX LINKS than with two of the world’s best black pornstars exploring each other’s bodies courtesy of BOOTY SOURCE. Jada Fire and Nyomi Banxxx strip together and it’s awesome. JADA FIRE AND NYOMI BANXXX LESBIAN GALLERY VIA BOOTY SOURCE.

    That’s it for now!

    And hey! To all webmasters that might be reading this, if you want to have your site included in THE BEST SEX LINKS, feel free to contact me here: YOUR SITE IN THE BEST SEX LINKS.

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  • How To Have Sex On A Beach

    sexy beach How To Have Sex On A Beach

    You’re right! We should have sex on this beach.

    Maybe it’s because the end of winter is in sight…maybe it’s because Ashley Sky on a beach was too damn sexy and it broke my brain.

    Whatever the reason, I just can’t stop thinking about being on a beach, soaking in the sun, drinking an ice cold cocktail, and having lots of sex right there on the beach.

    So whether you’re going to be celebrating Spring Break this year, or you’re just pining for a sunny beach, it’s high time that I taught you how to have amazing sex on a beach.  Continue Reading

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  • Kenzie Is Your Dream Girl

    kenz x art cover Kenzie Is Your Dream Girl


    X-Art has a new model and she’s totally unreal.

    When I say “unreal”, I don’t mean that she’s been under the knife a few hundred times and she’s more plastic than real flesh. This girl is unreal because she’s come straight out of our dreams on onto our computer screens.

    Your dream girl’s name is Kenzie and her all-natural good looks made our friends at X-Art book her for two days straight!

    So don’t even think about closing your eyes and picturing the perfect woman, because she exists and her name is KenzieContinue Reading

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  • Tiffany Thompson’s New X-Art Scene!

    x art tiffany in for the night 01 sml Tiffany Thompsons New X Art Scene!

    Tiffany Thompson’s back!

    Good news, guys! You can all ignore the post Where is Tiffany Thompson? from April 30th, 2013 where I discussed Tiffany Thompson’s status as an active porn / erotic video star.

    The conclusion I came to last spring was that she had retired and that it was all her boyfriend’s fault because why would I want to put the blame on a babe like Tiffany Thompson?

    Well I now have the great pleasure of letting you all know that I was wrong! Tiffany Thompson is not retired! Or maybe she was retired and is now making a comeback. Who cares?

    All I need to know is that there hasn’t been any new Tiffany Thompson videos or pictures in 2 YEARS but in spite of this, her old videos and pictures are consistently among the most popular on Sex.com. That’s because she filmed some of the best erotic videos ever with X-Art. Thank goodness there’s a new one for us to watch.

    To watch In For The Night starring Tiffany Thompson, you’ll have to visit X-Art.com. But for the sexy pictures from Tiffany Thompson’s latest scene, just look below these words.  Continue Reading

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  • An Aperitif with Adriana Chechik

    adriana aperitif cover An Aperitif with Adriana Chechik

    Adriana Chechik

    Just as I was recovering from my crippling obsession with Adriana Chechik, she comes waltzing back in with a brand new scene from X-Art.

    Adriana Chechik comes into the kitchen wearing only an open dress shirt belonging to her man, which by the way is one of the sexiest things you can ever do. Then instead of having a drink, she decides to show us how she likes to build up an appetite.

    And yes, you guessed it..an Adriana Chechik aperitif means you get to taste that sweet puss and serve it with meat.

    Before you watch the video on X-Art, take a look at these pictures featuring your new favorite pornstar for 2014, Adriana Chechik:  Continue Reading

    January 3, 2014 • BABES • Views: 2035

  • Ivy and Jake’s Many Shades of Grey

    cover x art ivy jake many shades of greycover Ivy and Jakes Many Shades of Grey


    Say what you want about 50 Shades of Grey but the one good thing about that franchise is that it’s responsible for regular couples exploring a kinkier side of sex.

    With all the sex that’s readily available on the internet and in mainstream media, we’re all going to get kinkier if we ever want to get our rocks off. Of course, kinky sex doesn’t need to be scary. Just follow Ivy and Jake’s lead as they experiment with some soft-BDSM.  Continue Reading

    December 15, 2013 • BABES • Views: 3485

  • Ashley’s First Time On Camera

    ashley cover Ashleys First Time On Camera

    Ashley’s first sex scene

    19 year old redhead babe Ashley had never had sex on camera before this shoot for X-Art. You’re about to witness the debut of a gorgeous, young redhead and it is incredible.

    All you need to know is that Ashley is stunning and we hope that this is the first of many, many sex scenes featuring her because she’s complete natural having sex in front of the camera. Let’s see Ashley’s big debut now! Continue Reading

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