• Beautiful Lesbian Blindfolded Sex

    blindcover Beautiful Lesbian Blindfolded Sex

    Jayden and Scarlet

    Blindfolding your partner during sex is such a simple and effective way to spice things up.

    All your senses become heightened when you’re blindfolded, and yes that includes your sense of touch. If you’ve never tried it, I recommend that you do because it’s a heightened sense of touch makes sex so much better.

    If you’re not convinced that blindfolded sex is for you, just look at how hot and bothered Jayden gets once her sexy friend Scarlet goes down on her while she’s wearing a blindfold:  Continue Reading

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  • Caprice Is Your Naughty Girl

    capricecover Caprice Is Your Naughty Girl

    Naughty Caprice loves sex

    Here are three reasons why you’re going to love this post:

    1. New pictures of Caprice.
    2. Caprice in a spiked bra
    3. Caprice does anal.

    If that those three things don’t entice you, then you might need to get your brain scanned because there’s something not working right. Let’s see these new Caprice pictures!  Continue Reading

    November 8, 2013 • Sex News • Views: 3893

  • Caprice, Eufrat, and Lisa Get All Tied Up

    tied up cover Caprice, Eufrat, and Lisa Get All Tied Up

    Lisa & Caprice (Eufrat not pictured)

    What happens when you get three of the hottest bisexual women together in the same room?

    Well their love for lesbian sex takes over and they end up having a super hot lesbian threesome.

    And that’s exactly what happened the last time Caprice, Eufrat, and Lisa got together. Good thing someone from X-Art was there to capture these three babes having an absolutely mind-melting lesbian threesome.

    Let’s take a look!  Continue Reading

    November 4, 2013 • BABES • Views: 1809

  • Dillion Harper and Jenna – The Best Brunettes

    cover1 Dillion Harper and Jenna   The Best Brunettes

    Dillion Harper & Jenna

    Remember Jenna from Jenna’s Hot Date?

    Well, she’s back and she brought a friend. It’s none other than the super sexy Dillion Harper!

    Two of my favorite brunettes teaming up for some hot lesbian sex? I can’t decide if this is the best day of my life or if the day my divorce was finalized is the best day of my life. Definitely the day I divorced my wife was the best day of my life, but seeing Dillion Harper and Jenna have lesbian sex is a very close second. Continue Reading

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  • Jenna’s Hot Date

    cover Jennas Hot Date

    Jenna’s Hot Date Night

    Who says that a hot date has to be going out to a fancy restaurant? Why can’t a hot date just be getting all dressed up and fucking like crazy.

    Thank goodness for Jenna. She doesn’t need to be wined and dined. She just wants her boyfriend Jeff to get her out of that tight, black dress and get straight to some hot sex.

    That’s certainly my ideal date. Especially with a girl as sexy as Jenna! Continue Reading

    October 26, 2013 • BABES • Views: 1013

  • Birthday Babe Cassie Laine

    cassiecover Birthday Babe Cassie Laine

    Cassie Laine

    Remember October Treat of the Month Cassie Laine? How could you forget a girl as pretty as Cassie Laine who also happens to enjoy photographed nude? They’re not as common as you might think.

    Yesterday was Cassie Laine’s birthday. She’s now 21 years old. She’s officially an adult! Everyone here at Sex.com hopes that Ms Cassie Laine is having a great first few days as an adult. To celebrate her (belated) birthday, we want you to check out her new sexy pictures from X-ArtContinue Reading

    October 24, 2013 • BABES • Views: 1323

  • Carrie Takes Charge

    x art carrie jake in charge 6 sml Carrie Takes Charge

    Carrie is in charge and I like it!

    I hope I speak for men everywhere when I say that we love women who take charge. Continue Reading

    October 21, 2013 • BABES • Views: 1342

  • Silvie Delux Has Anal Sex With Her Ex-Husband

    tumblr m1272xZ8dM1qlg5ulo1 400 Silvie Delux Has Anal Sex With Her Ex Husband

    Silvie Delux

    Silvie Delux first X-Art appearance came right after she married Jake when they shot a scene together in Ibiza.

    Shortly afterwards, Silvie and Jake divorced.

    Sucks but it happens.

    Now, X-Art has reunited these two divorcees to do what divorcees do best: experiment with anal sex.

    Have a look at Silvie Delux’s perfectly proportioned body as she makes Jake reconsider his decision to divorce her:  Continue Reading

    October 13, 2013 • BABES • Views: 6511