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  • Pornstar Spotlight: Dani Daniels

    ShNew feature alert! Though “Obsessed With” had a good run of shining a spotlight on the adult industry’s most unforgettable pornstars, I couldn’t shake the feeling that it was extremely creepy. So “Obsessed With” is done. But to replace it, we’re introducing the PORNSTAR SPOTLIGHT.

    Think of the Pornstar Spotlight as your one stop shop to find out everything you need to know about your favorite pornstars including the porn videos that you absolutely need to see. With new addition every day, you’d have to be some kind of idiot not to check it out.

    Today, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about Dani DanielsContinue Reading

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  • Must See Porn Movie: Meet Aidra Fox

    The minute we finished watching Aidra Fox answer questions from fans, we were totally in love with Aidra Fox (as seen in October 2014’s Pornstar Power Rankings where we selected her for the #1 spot).

    So when our copy of Meet Aidra Fox from New Sensations arrived in the mail, we were ecstatic.

    New Sensations‘ Meet series is one of our favorite things in porn at the moment because it gives fans a chance to get to know the star of the porn movie while coupling it with some hardcore fucking. Meet Aidra Fox is great because it delivers just that.

    Fans get to know what makes the insatiably horny Aidra Fox tick while she engages in hardcore threesomes, a gangbang and steamy sex all with that big smile that makes her one of the most irresistible pornstars in the biz. Continue Reading

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  • Nominate The Year’s Best Porn for the Sex.com Awards!

    Ok guys. Award season is coming up and it’s high time that we, the Sex.com Blog, honor our favorite things in sex and porn.

    Normally, I’d be arbitrarily selecting all the winners myself based on personal preference, but this year I thought it would be better to let you, the reader, nominate this year’s best porn.  Continue Reading

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  • Review: Meet Dakota Skye

    I’ll be the first to admit it, though we absolutely loved Meet Dakota Skye, writing a review for just the Dakota Skye-Adriana Chechik lesbian scene was a bit of a cop out. So in the interest of giving Meet Dakota Skye the attention it deserves, here now is our full review of Meet Dakota Skye!

    Dakota Skye plays with her trusty magic wand

    Dakota Skye plays with her trusty magic wand

    Review: Meet Dakota Skye

    Scene 1:

    Since this porn movie is all about showcasing the impossibly cute Dakota Skye, it only makes sense that we being with an interview. Dakota Skye talks about how she got into the porn business, what gets her off and her sexual fantasies. It’s all pretty standard stuff and if you’ve seen Dakota Skye’s work before, you won’t be surprised to know that she’s a natural submissive that isn’t afraid to tip-toe into the taboo.  Continue Reading

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  • Your Long Weekend Free Porn Playlist: August 29th, 2014


    But not just any old free porn! It’s time for the carefully curated Weekend Free Porn Playlist! Every Friday, we post the 7 hottest free porn videos on Sex.com from the past week and give them the attention they deserve. Plus, you get to enjoy the best free porn all weekend long.

    But this is no ordinary weekend. This is the Labor Day long weekend! In celebration of the long weekend, instead of the sharing the 7 hottest free porn videos with you from the past week, we’re doubling your dosage of free porn!

    Can you think of a better way to spend the long weekend than watching the 14 best free porn videos from the past week (besides watching Brianna Brooks’ final porn scene)?

    And since no one will be shooting porn until further notice, might as well get caught up on all the free porn you can.

    14 free porn videos is a lot of free porn videos, so let’s do it to it:

    1. Natalia Starr showers and gets fucked POV-style

    Continue Reading

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  • Your Weekend Free Porn Playlist: August 15th, 2014

    Is it possible that there’s too much free porn on the internet? With millions of sexy pictures to see and millions of porn videos to watch, how do you even begin to decide what to watch let alone what to fap to?

    If you’ve ever felt adrift while browsing for free porn online, don’t worry because we have a solution: a weekend porn playlist!

    Every Friday, find the 7 best porn videos from the past week right here on the Sex.com Blog in Your Weekend Porn Playlist.

    1. Nicole Aniston’s Night Time Romance 

    Continue Reading

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  • Another Sydney Leathers Porn (with sex!)

    Sydney Leathers Porn

    “Weiner and Me” starring Sydney Leathers

    I seem to remember reading a quote from Sydney Leathers sometime last week where she said that she was done with porn. She had filmed the solo masturbation scene and that was all we were going to get.

    I must have been hallucinating or not paying close enough attention because a week after allegedly reading that Sydney Leathers quote, she’s back starring in a new porn movie from Vivid Entertainment.

    And this time, Sydney Leathers does hardcore.  Continue Reading

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  • The Sex.com Blog Interviews Jacky St. James!

    We spent a lot of time on the Sex.com Blog talking about the women in front of the camera. But what about the women behind it?
    I reached out to Jacky St. James to see if she would stop by the Sex.com Blog to talk about writing and directing porn movies. Jacky was kind enough to take time out of her busy schedule to answer my questions about what it takes to be a porn director.
    So without further ado…it’s the Jacky St. James interview!

    (Photos by Jeff Koga)

    Remy Lacroix Xander Corvus

    Jacky St. James directs her stars Xander Corvus and Remy Lacroix

    Before you started directing adult films, you wrote a few adult features. How do you write a porn movie? Surely you don’t describe each sex scene for 15 to 30 pages.
    No! Although that might be fun. I actually don’t write any of the sex. I only denote that sex happens by saying, “Sex Scene #1″ or slightly describing the kind of sex that must take place, “kinky sex with lots of foreplay” etc.

    When I wrote my first film, Dear Abby for New Sensations, Eddie Powell (New Sensations’ main director and XBIZ’s most recent Director of the Year) gave me incredible advice. He said, “Don’t write porn. Write a story you want to tell and have the sex add to that story – not be the centerpiece of it.” New Sensations is really known for their story-driven porn, and as somebody outside of the business with little inside information, Powell’s advice was incredibly helpful. My first foray into adult screenwriting came with the script Dear Abby, which explores the challenges exes face when they try and stay friends. It wasn’t too terribly complex, but it ended up winning AVN’s Best Screenplay back in 2012, so I must have done something right!  Continue Reading

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  • Xander Corvus Shocked That MILFs Want Him

    Xander Corvus

    Xander Corvus

    Xander Corvus has been in the adult industry since 2010 and he’s well on his way to being one of the top adult male performers (if he isn’t already).

    The 22 year old has filmed hundreds of sex scenes in the last three years but for some reason he’s still genuinely surprised that anyone (MILFs in particular) would want to sleep with him.

    What evidence do I have to back-up my claim? Just watch this video:

    See what I mean?

    You’d think Xander would get used to horny, older women coming on to him but he just never sees it coming.

    I for one like Xander’s naïveté. When an older woman starts coming on to you, shock is always the first reaction. Arousal comes much later.

    It’s just a believable performance that we’re getting from Xander Corvus. No wonder he’s so popular!

    Thank you CravingCorvus.tumblr.com for putting these clips together.

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