• Sex in Yankee Stadium lasts three innings

    Baseball fans express their love for the game physically in the bathroom stall

    Baseball has never really appealed to me. Something about standing in the hot sun with a mouth full of chewing tobacco waiting for a performance-enhanced man who shares the same physique as your average Silverback Gorilla to hit a ball coming towards him at 90 mph for 9 innings is just too slow for my taste.

    In fact, it was national treasure Homer Simpson who pointed out that the game of baseball is boring without beer. For most Americans, I can see why it would so popular, it’s an excuse to drink beer for several hours throughout the afternoon. Well, guess what I write the Sex.com Blog so I don’t need an excuse to drink beer all afternoon.

    Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, the Yankees were up by 3 runs in the second inning against the Tampa Bay rays. The excitement was palatable, so much so that a couple opted to have sex in an empty bathroom near the left field bleachers until about the 5th inning.

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    September 18, 2012 • Sex News • Views: 1564