• YouTube’s Hidden Porn Videos Have Been Removed

    Are there porn videos on Youtube? Generally, the answer is: “OF COURSE NOT! Google owns YouTube and Google hates porn videos.”

    But some clever folk managed to post some porn videos to YouTube and not have them flagged and removed for months by hiding them behind Irish language titles.  Continue Reading

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  • What Would Happen if Wes Anderson Made a Porno?

    In an effort to answer the question that nobody in the entire universe has ever asked themselves, some dudes over on the interweb surfing website Youtube have made a parody video:

    The video is made by some dudes who call themselves “Nacho Punch.” Absolutely no research whatsoever on my part has determined that these guys make parody videos for the website called Youtube.

    Wes Anderson is a divisive film-maker. On one hand, his quirky charm often leads to funny ensemble movies like The Royal Tenenbaums and Rushmore. On the other hand, his quirky charm often leads to insufferable garbage like Darjeeling Limited and whatever that movie is where Bill Murray quirks his way around a sub for way too long. QUIRKY.

    While I was doing some research to make this post, I noticed something which would make Wes Anderson directing a porno film very different, especially considering the female-dominated nature of the adult business.  Wes Anderson sparingly uses hot babes in his films.  If you think about it, most of his movies simply involve a bunch of quirky dudes running around causing mischief with a female foil that appears periodically.  What’s the deal Wes Anderson?  Why you gotta play me like that, Wes Anderson?  I expect an all-female cast for the next movie!

    I wonder who Wes Anderson would cast as his leading actresses if he were to make a real erotic film? To help you think about the possibilities, here are naked pictures of some of the celebrity babes that Wes Anderson has employed for some of his non-pornographic regular movies:

    Gwyneth Paltrow

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    Natalie Portman

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    Well, you know what, it turns out that Wes Anderson doesn’t actually employ very many sexy actresses. Makes sense considering most of his movies are total circle-jerk bro-fests. Just joking, I like the guy.

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  • Ashley Sky’s Banned Buffalo Commercial


    Ashley Sky

    Brazilian (by way of Central Florida) model Ashley Sky is the new face of Buffalo Jeans.

    While that does sound like excellent news because it surely means more Ashley Sky in our lives, there is just one slight problem.

    As you know, Ashley Sky is extremely sexy. She’s so sexy that her commercial for Buffalo Jeans that features her prancing around the beach and getting her white tank top all wet to the point where she has to take it off and pose for the camera with just a hand-bra because you can see her tits clear as day through that wet tank top…wait what was I talking about?

    Oh yeah. Ashley Sky’s Buffalo Jeans commercial has been banned from Youtube because it is far too sexy. The Youtube-ban isn’t surprising because Ashley Sky’s see through tank top and hand-bra isn’t something that the world should see. I mean if everyone were to see Ashley Sky’s tits through that tank top, it would surely make all other tits seem totally irrelevant.

    Thankfully, since the commercial is only banned from Youtube, we can still watch it on Vimeo. But be warned, her boobs may ruin all other boobs for you.

    I can’t help but think that the Youtube-ban is also a good idea because when you see Ashley Sky topless on a tropical beach, it really makes you reevaluate all the decisions you’ve made in your life up to this point in an attempt to figure out why you’re not on that beach with her.



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  • Boobs On Youtube

    Robin Thicke

    Rule 1: Never hashtag yourself. It’s embarrassing.

    Robin Thicke, singer and son of tremendous actor Alan Thicke, has a new song with T.I. and Pharrell called “Blurred Lines”.

    Obviously, there’s a lot to be excited about with this new single. First of all, Robin Thicke is Alan Thicke’s son. Second, Pharrell Williams has always been a phenomenal producer and I hope this is his long awaited return to form. Third, whether you like it or not, T.I. is King of the South and even though it seems like he’s been doing more acting than rapping lately, he’s still got an amazing flow.

    But most important of all, is the video. It’s the three dudes hanging out with totally nude babes. And it’s on Youtube! That’s right, Robin Thicke, Pharrell Williams, and T.I. have all come together to allow boobs on Youtube. Continue Reading

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  • Secrets of a Body Paint Model

    Meet gorgeous swimsuit model, Alyssa Miller…

    Alyssa Miller

    Alyssa Miller

    The photo above is from the latest Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue. Alyssa is reenacting the first ever swimsuit cover…except this time the bikini is painted on. That’s right, she’s not wearing anything at all. It’s an illusion.

    Alyssa sat down and shared a few industry secrets of what it’s like to be a swimsuit model. Let’s watch:

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  • Tasha Reign destroys creepy interviewer

    Tasha Reign

    Tasha Reign

    Interviews aren’t easy. Porn stars interviews are especially difficult for some people. Maybe it’s because they’ve jerked off to a certain porn star some many times that they can’t ask questions like a normal person.

    This is especially true of South Side Steve TV whose little wrap up interview with Tasha Reign went absolutely terrible. But thankfully, Tasha held her own and crushed him.

    Let’s watch. Continue Reading

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  • Hentai explained

    If you’ve ever been confused by the weird world of Hentai, maybe this explanation will help you:

    Nope. Still don’t understand Hentai. I don’t want to pass judgement on anyone but even that guy who loves Hentai doesn’t even seem to get Hentai.

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  • Penis Power & the Boston Crab

    The most important video you’ll see all day. I guess it’s a sex tip? I don’t know. It doesn’t matter, just watch it.

    Use your penis power wisely, guys. Continue Reading

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  • Bree Olson, musician?

    Recording artist Bree Olson

    Yesterday, Harmony Rose caused a splash with her volunteer EMT training. Today, we have another news story about a former porn star’s new career.

    Bree Olson stopped doing porn because her duties as one of Charlie Sheen’s goddesses took up too much time. After their break-up over a year ago, Bree didn’t return to porn. The good news for her fans is that she’s back*.

    Well, she’s not back to shooting porn unfortunately. She’s back on the fringes of mainstream. Instead of joining Harmony Rose for the all ex-porn star Virginia life saving squad, she’s now doing music. The first single is called, “Hollywood Douchebag” featuring Mike Gonsolin.

    Check out the music video for Hollywood Douchebag:

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  • Behind the Green Door gets remake through Vivid

    The original Behind the Green Door

    With some of porno chic’s seminal works like Deep Throat, The Devil in Miss Jones, and Debbie Does Dallas* remade by Vivid, it only makes sense that they are preparing a remake of 1972’s Behind the Green Door.

    Vivid founder and co-chairman Steve Hirsch explained the decision to remake BtGD:

    “The ?70s are referred to as ‘The Golden Age of Porn’ and these four titles helped launch the porn business into the mainstream. ‘Behind the Green Door’ dug deep into the sexual side of human nature and took viewers to a place that no other adult film had gone before. We hope to achieve the same result with our remake.”

    Check out the first 13 minutes of the original below.

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