Tanya Tate, Cosplay Queen

Tanya Tate sexy MILF

Tanya Tate

What’s better than a MILF? A British MILF obviously!

What about a British MILF that was a total comic book nerd?

Am I describing your dream woman? Well, yes I am. But it just so happens that your dream woman is Tanya Tate, today’s Babe of the Day!

Tanya Tate as Emma Frost

Tanya Tate as Emma Frost

Tanya Tate is incredible. You should all know that by now.

Her penchant for nerdy things has been well documented so instead I want to talk about Tanya Tate’s Casting Couch.

A lot people like to run their mouths and say that they could fuck like a pornstar. There’s only one way to be sure: by having sex with an actual pornstar. Tanya Tate did a bunch of these casting couches where she would lure hapless men into her lair so that she could feed on them. Like a black widow.

It’s totally unfair for these guys. I mean, it’s like saying, “Yeah, I know how to box. I could probably box against the pros.” And then you get to the ring only to find Muhammad Ali waiting to box the shit out of you. That’s how I feel about Tanya Tate’s Casting Couch.

Is Tanya Tate really the Muhammad Ali of the porn industry? Probably. Who knows? I mean, it’s hard to compare professional boxing with porn. But Tanya Tate is definitely super sexy and I’m sure the guys that signed up for the casting couch didn’t know what they were getting into.

Thankfully, sex isn’t a competition, otherwise they would have been squashed.

Unfortunately, Tanya Tate‘s final Casting Couch was in March this year. So if you ever wanted to fuck Tanya Tate, you blew it!

Oh well, at least we have Tanya Tate‘s sexy pictures to get us all through the disappointment of missing such an opportunity:

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And as for Tanya Tate’s sexy videos, this one cannot be missed:

Tanya Tate, the Piano Teacher

Yeah… Tanya Tate really is everyone’s dream woman.

Why not pay her website a quick visit?

Or follow her on Twitter:


Either way, Tanya Tate is amazing. I’m happy that Twitter friend @MiddleMan would suggest such a fine Babe of the Day.

If you want me to curate sexy pictures and write something rambly about one of your favorite babes, nominate her for Babe of the Day either on Twitter or in the comments.

New Babe of the Day tomorrow!



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  • kingrim

    comparing boxing to porn lol

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    I make a funny?

  • http://feeds.feedburner.com/royan-tourisme/KHOA Sarah

    +1, on n?y pense pas toujours, mais il est bien
    plus simple de laisser un débat ouvert pour qu?une discussion s?ensuive.

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    This spammer is right.

  • ummitha

    yes, she is the BEST cosplay queen

  • http://www.sex.com Chico Dusty

    Yes! Who else is even close?

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