Tasha Reign Interviews Nina Hartley!

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Tasha Reign Show!

Welcome back to another episode of the Tasha Reign Show.

Today, we have a very special episode. Tasha Reign sits down with legendary adult film actress Nina Hartley to talk all about sex (with two other lovely ladies, can’t forget about them).

Now obviously Tasha Reign talking sex with Nina Hartley is the most incredible thing to ever happen, so I’m not going to keep you from watching it. I’m just going to remind you to visit TashaReign.com.

Screen Shot 2014 01 13 at 12.03.49 PM Tasha Reign Interviews Nina Hartley!

Now let’s watch Nina Hartley and Tasha Reign together!

All my dreams have now come true.

For more Tasha, visit TashaReign.com!

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