Tasha Reign’s 1st anal scene

Porn’s little princess is giving up the butt

Tasha Reign sure has come a long way from her humble beginnings on MTV’s Laguna Beach.

Many of you will probably say that growing up in the affluent neighborhood of Newport Beach and starring on a hit MTV show is hardly humble beginnings. However, Tasha was on Laguna Beach during its third and final season, which was rough for the people on the show as well as the fans.

Season three of Laguna Beach was a complete departure from the previous two seasons. LC had moved to The Hills and everyone else moved to other locations that were not made into reality TV shows. Season three started with an entirely new cast of Beachers and focused on a full-scale clique war rather than just a love-triangle.

Fans met Laguna Beach season three with yawns. Angry yawns. But that wouldn’t stop. Tasha Reign.

She’s shut up all those angry yawners by becoming one of the hottest porn stars in the business (if not the hottest, who’s to say?).

How’d she do it? It probably has to do with being vegan. Not only because it gives her a smoking hot body but good diet has been known to give you more energy. More energy to do strip-club appearances/do cam-shows/attend college/run your own production company/meet Bill Clinton. That’s just Tasha for you.

Though 2012 isn’t over yet, it’s fair to say that Tasha Reign completely owned this year in porn. If she wasn’t a bonafide superstar already, she is now. It felt like she did everything right.

Speaking of doing everything, today is Tasha Reign’s anal debut. Let’s watch the exclusive scene right now:

xvideos.com via bubblegumtaint on Sex.com

In an older interview Tasha said that she wouldn’t do anal until she felt ready. So we emailed Tasha (no big deal) to ask why she felt ready now.

Tasha told us, “I had been practicing a lot at home and it felt so good to have an anal orgasm.  I want to give my all to my fans and I can’t wait to keep surprising them.  I love porn and sex and now anal too. I’m confident I can have fun doing anal and that’s how I knew I was ready.”

She also explained that Peter North was the perfect casting choice because, “…I [Tasha Reign] had taken his cream pie virginity so I knew I wanted to give the legend something of mine too. It’s an honor he’s never worked for anyone else besides himself and now my new company too. He’s thick and powerful but he knows how to fuck for pleasure and performance.

Do yourself a favor and check out Tasha Reign’s first anal scene on her website www.tashareign.com

There’s behind the scenes stuff and stunning photos on her website for this scene plus tons of other videos and photos for you to enjoy (although you should also be checking Sex.com regularly).

And if you’re not sold yet, hear what Tasha has to say about the scene herself, “I came so hard and I hope you can tell how real that is, xo Tasha“.

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