Tati Neves: The Brazilian Babe That Banged Bieber


Tati Neves

I’m sure by now, you’ve all seen Youtube’s hottest gossip. It’s a video titled “Justin Bieber sleeping with Girl in Brasil“.

If you haven’t, here it is:


Justin Bieber is asleep and shirtless with a smiling Brazilian babe filming him.

Naturally, everyone wants to know what this Brazilian babe was doing filming Justin Bieber.

Well there a few different theories…

1) She snuck in to Justin Bieber’s room after a heavy night of partying and filmed him because he’s the hottest 19 year old on the planet.

2) They had sex and she was just leaving but wanted to brag to all her Brazilian babe friends.

3) She’s a prostitute getting a little extra.

While I doubt we’ll ever really know what happened (because chances are they’re both too partied out to remember) but I can tell you that the Brazilian babe’s name is Tati Neves and she’s a 26 year old pin-up model from Brazil.

Let’s get to know Tati Neves a little better by looking at her profile in poorly translated English for a contest called Miss Vintage:


Her favorite movie is The Butterfly Effect? C’mon Biebs. You can do better than that.

So did Tati Neves have sex with Bieber?

I don’t know. I tried to ask her over Facebook but I’ve yet to receive a reply. I suggest you try messaging her here: Tati Neves’ Facebook.

All we need to do is look at the facts to make an educated guess as to what happened.

Tati Neves is a sexy Brazilian babe. Justin Bieber is a 19 year old billionaire.

Sexy Brazilian babe + teen popstar = sex.

You were all 19 once. You know that you can’t resist sex with anyone at that age! And if stereotypes have taught us anything it’s that Brazilian women have the best butts on the planet.

Just because he’s Justin Bieber doesn’t mean he can resist some of the best butts on the planet.


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Published on: November 7, 2013

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