Tea Does Fashion Week

Tea’s back!

For those of you who don’t already know, Tea is our new sexy-guest-sex-vlogger. You may recognize her as the beautiful mind behind T-Crumpets and LoveSugarTits or maybe you know her from Vice Magazine.

Tea just got back from Fashion Week in Milan. That may sound like a sexy fun time, but it turns out that Fashion Week is more like Fashion WEAK.

I’m sorry. Terrible joke. I’ll just turn this over to Tea now.

Tea Does Fashion Weak!

You only have to suck 10 dicks to get into the fashion industry?

That’s good news for me. I’m almost halfway in the fashion industry, you guys!

Thank you Tea for attending the Super-Pitti Party in our honor. Now please drink all those bad memories from Milan Fashion Week away.


We all know that abortions are an excellent way for a model to lose weight, but there’s another way to keep your slim physique. Instead of eating food, eat nothing.

You’ll die in 50 days but you are going to look so thin and so good in that open casket.

If you need more Tea in your life (which you do)…

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Published on: September 27, 2013

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