Thanksgiving Role Play Scenarios


Thanksgiving…the sexiest holiday of them all…

Did everyone cancel their Thanksgiving pilgrimages home because of bad weather?

Did you decide to relax this year instead of cooking dinner for 30 ungrateful relatives?

Do you not celebrate Thanksgiving because it’s a celebration of genocide?

Whatever your reason is for spending this holiday with just your significant other, I think it’s the perfect opportunity for you to engage in some festive role play sex.

You’re probably saying, “But Chico, we don’t have any scenarios to have festive role play sex!”

I knew you would say that. That’s why I’ve come up with some sexy Thanksgiving role play scenarios so that you can have amazing festive sex this weekend. 

Thanksgiving Role Play # 1 – Pilgrim and Native American

As far as Thanksgiving role play sex goes, it doesn’t get more obvious than this. But there’s nothing wrong with obvious.

Ladies, in this scenario you can play the role of a sexy Native American that’s come to show the White Man (your guy) your people’s sacred healing customs, which is the physical act of love of course.

Alternatively, you can play a sexy pilgrim girl who wants to repay a sexy Native American man for saving her from the harsh North American climate. How do you repay him? With sex, obviously.

Thanksgiving Role Play # 2 – Divorcee and Neighbor

Ladies, your divorce was finalized a month ago. Your home would be filled with in-laws and family but today it’s completely empty because everyone decided to go to your ex-husband’s house for Thanksgiving. Your sexy, single neighbor has no plans so you’ve invited him over for a feast. But what he doesn’t know is that you haven’t cooked a turkey. The only thing you’re serving up this Thanksgiving is all you can eat pussy.

Thanksgiving Role Play # 3 – Housewife and College Student

While you’re busy slaving away in the kitchen, everyone’s gone to the park to play some pick-up football. Everyone except your son’s sexy college roommate. He decided to stay behind and give you a hand. But with everyone gone and the turkey in the oven, how can you ever pass the time? Maybe sex with a young stud is just what your Thanksgiving needs.

Thanksgiving Role Play # 4 – Bookie and Gambler

You just lost $100,000 on the big football game. Those damn (insert football team name here) scored more points and beat your (insert other football team name here)! Just when you didn’t think it could get any worse, the sexy bookie you placed your bet with has already showed up minutes after the game to collect the money you owe her. Obviously you don’t have $100,000, but thankfully she will take your hard cock as payment.

Thanksgiving Role Play # 5 – Planes, Trains and Automobiles

You promised you’d be back for Thanksgiving dinner but your flight from New York to Chicago has been cancelled. So you team up with a loveable oaf, who can be kind of a nuisance but he has good intentions. You try the train but it gets derailed. You try to drive but your car gets totalled.

You and the loveable oaf fight and make-up, then fight again. Finally when you reach Chicago, you realize that your companion has no home. His wife died years ago and he’s been roaming the country ever since. Finally, you come to your senses and invite the loveable oaf who went out of his way to get you home for Thanksgiving to your place for the holiday. Later, you bang.

Yes it is the plot of Planes, Trains and Automobiles but with a sexy twist.


So there, four perfectly good Thanksgiving role play scenarios. If I see these role play scenarios turned into porn movies for next Thanksgiving, I’m going to be very upset.

If you have any others, please share them in the comments!

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