The Dana Vespoli Interview

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli isn’t just one of the world’s most popular porn stars, she’s also an acclaimed director and writer of porn movies.

She’s also a total genius. We could have talked about Foucault but instead I asked about her porn movies and feminist porn. Enjoy!

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Some people may not know that you have your BA in Comparative Literature and French Studies. After ten years in the adult industry, do you ever look at your degree and think, “Why did I study Comparative Literature and French?”

I don’t see how one precludes the other.

My liberal arts education taught me critical thinking, which is useful in all facets of life. I write my own scripts, and my Evil Angel features have drawn heavily from Dante, Alighieri, Rainer Maria Rilke, Roland Barthes and Susan Sontag. So one could argue that, in fact, I’m using my degree.

As for French studies, I spend quite a bit of time in France, and it is helpful to speak, read, and write the language.

After ten years in the adult industry, is there anything you haven’t done as a performer but would like to?

I’d love to shoot a strap-on scene with Michael Bay for Joey Silvera, where I use a Manuel Ferrara dildo.

You have two nominations for Best On-Screen Girl/Girl couple twice this year at the Sex Awards (Dana Vespoli + Asa Akira, Dana Vespoli + Phoenix Marie). If you had to choose between Asa and Phoenix for an off-screen girlfriend, who would it be?

Asa would be my girlfriend, but we’d cheat on each other with Phoenix.

Asa Akira Dana Vespoli lesbian sex picture

World’s favorite lesbian couple: Asa Akira and Dana Vespoli

Earlier this year you were added to Evil Angel’s roster of directors. You’ve been directing since 2006, but did the Evil Angel signing feel like you’ve established yourself as a director?

Absolutely. I’d always wanted to be at Evil.

Did you have to get a John Stagliano tattoo as a condition of being added to the roster?

Yes. The one inside my asshole that you can only see when I gape. The tattoo on my ankle stands for Jewish Solidarity.

How does being a part of Evil Angel affect DV Productions? Is it like an independent label within EA?


Your movies have been by in large gonzo movies. However, Forsaken, though it was labelled a gonzo movie, had a feature feel to it. What was your intention for Forsaken?

My intention was to make Forsaken a gonzo-feature. I had a limited budget, but was fixated on making the movie, because that particular scenario was stuck in my head. I love gonzo, and I love telling stories, so I make gonzo-features.

If you haven’t seen Forsaken yet, watch the trailer right now!

Whenever someone talks about feminist porn, your name inevitably comes up. Do you think of feminist porn as a new genre or is it any porn made by women?

It’s porn.

Even though there are plenty of female porn directors making their films with a feminist vision, why do you think women still perceive pornography as demeaning or abusive to women?

I think most of those people aren’t legitimately watching porn. It’s like reading Stephanie Meyer and then determining that all literature is bad, based on those shitty Twilight books.

Fill in the blank: After reading this interview everyone should…

Carry on.

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Big thanks to Dana Vespoli for taking the time to answer my questions.

And special thanks to Rising Star PR.

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