The Jessie Andrews Interview

Jessie Andrews, y’all

Jessie Andrews is not just one of the prettiest girls to ever do porn, she’s a porn star completely on her own terms. She’s got an independence and a drive that very few people have, which almost guarantees success for whatever she tries. Which is good because she’s got a million other projects she’s working on.

For some reason, Jessie was nice enough to answer a couple of questions for us. Yes, she’s that cool. She answered all the unsolicited questions I had for her and was very sweet about it. Without further ado, let’s talk to Jessie Andrews

You’ve been in LA for about two years now. Have you adjusted to the weather in LA or do you still crave muggy Florida?

I’ve adjusted but I do miss sunny miami :)

The internet is making a big deal about the decision to cast you in a Miley Cyrus video. Is the internet overreacting?
I think it’s more appropriate now more than ever.

Why do you feel that your appearance in the Miley Cyrus video is more appropriate now than ever?
Because porn stars are more acceptable now than 10 years ago

How was shooting the music video? Is it the best fake party you’ve ever attended?
I make an appearance before the party starts ;)

Are you still sober or have you delved into partying a little bit?
I’m not old enough to drink and I’m allergic :/

Do you ever feel out of place DJing at clubs and making electronic music because there is a connotation of people letting loose, right?
I’ve never felt out of place not drinking. It’s kind of fun watching all my friends get crazy and having to take care of them after. It makes the best stories!!

What is your process for making a mix? (note: I’m listening to Solé Bicycle Ex Tape right now on Soundcloud and it’s so tight!)
I pick out the music before I start, then make the mixes in Ableton. (Thank you! It’s one of my favorites)

Tell us everything we need to know about your jewelry brand, Bagatiba. How often are you making items? Do you to custom orders? Are you completely independent?
I started Bagatiba in June 2012. I wanted to make affordable, gold filled, desired pieces. I make them almost every week, ran independently. More of a hobby than anything. And I love seeing girls wear them. It makes me happy :) I have it in 3 stores in LA and have shipped out over 400 orders.

How did you end up on a t-shirt for The Hundreds? It clearly says on their website “No collaborations”.
One of the owners Bobby shot some photos of me for fun and ended up wanting to use one of them for their winter T-shirts. And of course I said yes. They are an amazing company with great style!!!

You were selling DVDs and lingerie online. Is it still something you do?
I have that site for porn fans who want DVDs and panties. I’ve gotten hundreds  of emails for these things, so I figured I would open up shop to cater to them!

With the different stores, your social media sites, your internet presence feels very independent. Is that a conscious effort to be independent from the industry?
I’m naturally independent and always have been. More people need to realize you need to build a brand that isn’t restricted to one industry or career.

Could you explain the Jessie Andrews brand in one word?

Jessie modelling some Bagatiba goods

Despite the independent image you give off, you were still in a lot of high profile parodies. What’s up with that? Would you say you’re having your cake and eating it too?
I was in a few parodies. I guess you could say I’m having my cake and eating it too. But to be honest, I don’t like cake. (Carvel ice cream cake with the chocolate crunch in the middle, YES)

In an older interview you said that porn was just a job without an exact point. Do you still feel that way as your profile rises?

Yes, porn is solely a job. I only shoot with girls now so I have time to purse my other 7492 careers. But I don’t mind having porn as one of my jobs forever. I love fucking beautiful girls all day. Who wouldn’t??

What motivated your decision to only shoot with girls?
It gives me more time to do other things like music, jewelry, fashion, etc

What’s the secret to doing so much? Is your sex life suffering to make time for all your other projects?
You must have drive, an open mind, determination, and good work ethic to succeed. And answer the phone when it rings.  Haha. Honestly I don’t have sex outside of shooting porn. At 20 years old I can say I’ve already had the best sex in my entire life. So there’s no need to look much further right now, I’m more focused on my future.

Is there a sex act you’ve done in your personal life that you haven’t done on camera?
I’ve tried anal, but it’s just not meant to be :/

If you could only do scenes with one female performer and one male performer for the rest of your career, who would it be?
Asa Akira and Mark Spiegler haha

What is one scene of yours that everyone should see?
A scene in my movie Portrait of a Call Girl from Elegant Angel with myself and Manuel Ferrara.

What can we expect from Jessie Andrews in the next coming months?
My first Single should be out mid November/December. New products from Bagatiba in the works. My custom condoms collaborated with Doc Johnson, plus a toy. Djing lots of shows. AVN in January. And I’ll finally be 21 years old in March!

If can re-shoot the “Decisions” video as a porno, what are you going to do to Miley Cyrus?
I would fuck her better than any guy has.

Thanks Jessie!

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