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Natasha Starr

Natasha Starr

The only thing we know about Poland is that their women are gorgeous and they love sex. And as far as stereotypes go, they could do a lot worse. Natasha Starr is a Polish porn star. She’s gorgeous and she loves sex, which only confirms the only thing we know about Poland and Polish women. Natasha was nice enough to take time out of her hectic to answer some questions about gangbangs, her porn star sister, and her new radio show.

So without further ado…here is the Natasha Starr interview…

As an anal, double penetration, and gangbang lover who squirts, is there anything that’s off limits for you?
Yes there is I don’t do creampies I don’t swallow. And I don’t do abusive, degrading type films.

Is there any sex act you’re working on in your love life so you can bring it to your videos?
I guess at somepoint in the future I’d like to try double vagina or possibly double anal but no where near that yet.

What can you tell us about your first anal experience/ your first double penetration experience / your first gangbang experience?
My first DP felt amazing even if the guys were not pros at it. My first DP on screen was incredible I was literally dripping wet. My first gang bang well what can I say I lived every minute every inch every cock. Probably my favorite thing sexually.

Why are gangbangs your favorite thing sexually?
I like a lot of cocks at once every hole filled hands busy its very exciting!!

Natasha Starr bounces her wet pussy on this hard cock

What advice can you give for first time gangbangers?
Just go for it let loose and have fun!! It may be overwhelming at first but just enjoy every inch.

You did a fan gangbang for your website, How did the fans perform? Were you running the show?
The fans did perform pretty good I was surprised they weren’t to shy. And I always run the show. Lol.

What’s involved in running the show in a gangbang?
I’m not one to just lay back and get pounded I’m coming after the cock!!


Your website,, is independently run, right? What are some benefits and challenges of doing your own site?
I do handle my own site for the most part. Having to set up your own scenes looking for talent and filming yourself all challenging but I own all my clips so its worth it.

How did you get your start in the business? Were you really a fluffer on porn sets?
I did fluff for a couple small companies in NYC producing very amateur stuff. My real start came at a swingers party playing with my husband a photographer from Leg Show Magazine asked if he could film us. As he filmed us for about 2 hours couples kept coming in and watching the show we were putting on. After he asked if I shot porn I said no he said I should. He did pics for me got me in Leg Show soon after I shot my first real scene with Reality Kings Cum Fiesta.

(note: this is the video from the swinger’s party where Natasha Starr was discovered. Amazing!)

Is your husband also in the industry? 
My husband has been the stunt cock plenty of times and films with me for my site.

How does he feel about group sex?
We are swingers in our private lives we both love group play.

How does doing porn in Poland compare to doing porn in the States?
I never did porn in Poland not sure how to compare.

What advice can you give to men wanting to hook up with Polish women? 
Good luck lol!! We can be a little stuck up be good looking respectful and drive a nice car Haha.

How can you get Polish women into bed?
I guess like any woman be charming or get her drunk on wine or champagne lol.

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Natalia Starr is your sister. How did doing porn become a family affair?
She saw how my career was starting to take me places and decided to come with me to LA..

Are you two competitive when it comes to sex?
No completion we are sisters. When it comes to sex anyway we are very different she is soft core I’m hard core but her time will come to get hardcore.

Because you’re hardcore and Natalia is softcore, does that reflect your personalities? 
Not really she is only 19 and she will introduce more hardcore stuff the older she gets. We are sisters 2 freaks that love it all. Don’t be confused my sister is just as naughty as me in the next couple years everyone will see.

Any plans for you two to make a reality show about being Polish, porn star sisters? I’d watch it.
Well yes we are waiting for the right offer. There is a lot going on a reality show about us would be very entertaining. Everything from how we got to LA to the things we do in our everyday lives may shock people.

I read that just recently you’ve started to have anal orgasms. Which is better, regular orgasm or anal orgasm?
Regular is best. But the anal orgasm was amazing just kind of shocked me didn’t expect to cum that way.

What projects are you working on now?
Always working in my website. We launch a new radio show Saturday March 2 from 4-6pm pacific 7-9 est time on XXX Porn Star Radio. The pleasure network now broadcasting everyday with different host. Our show is called Blonde Erotic Talk with the Starr Sisters! Fans can call in and speak with us plus we will have industry people on all the time.

Where can fans reach you?
Twitter: natashastar69
Facebook: Natasha Starr
Fan Page: Natasha Starr
Instagram: polish_princess69

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Thanks Natasha!

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