What’s the Point of Oral Sex?

oral sex cunnilingus

Cunnilingus (aka eating out)

Everyone loves getting oral sex. Fellatio or cunnilingus, it’s all good!

If you see someone’s face headed towards your lap, what are you going to do stop them? Of course not!

A new study in Evolutionary Psychology has attempted to determine the reason for why men perform oral sex on women. Their hypothesis was that men perform oral sex on women to increase sexual satisfaction in their relationship thereby minimizing the risk of cheating. 

After surveying 243 adult men in committed, heterosexual relationships, the researchers found that “men at greater recurrent risk of sperm competition are more likely to perform cunnilingus on their partner until she achieves orgasm.”

So I guess the point of oral sex is to keep that ass locked down.

I do feel like this study is totally bogus. The point of performing oral sex on a woman is not to keep her from cheating. Performing oral sex on a woman is fun and it makes her feel good (if you know what you’re doing). If she’s less likely to cheat because you’re always giving her oral sex then consider that a bonus. Really though, you should be doing oral sex for pleasure not as a part of a greater psych0-sexual mind game.

What worries me is that this study only reinforces the idea that heterosexual men aren’t willing to give oral sex. C’mon guys, it’s 2013. I know vaginas may seem scary but if you spend so much time, money, and effort trying to get your dicks inside of one, you better be willing to lick one.

And also, why didn’t the study look at why women give blowjobs? By in large it’s not because they love to give blowjobs (as porn would have you believe).

New rule: For every blowjob you get, you have to return the favor. Keep a tap of how much oral sex you owe each other.

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Published on: July 25, 2013

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