The Sexiest Vimeo Ever

I love Youtube. But then again everyone loves Youtube.

But for every side-splitting Fail Compilation, there are a few thousand shitty video-blogs with some moron talking about something stupid.

That’s why I would say that Vimeo, although not as hilarious, is better in Youtube. Youtube is just a mess of content, where everyone with a camera (which is literally everyone in the world) throwing up their videos to become internet famous with no quality control. Vimeo on the other-hand had attracted a community of professional video makers so by in large Vimeo’s content is much higher-quality, both in production and artistic value.

Today, I found what might be the sexiest Vimeo account ever. Sexiest Vimeo account is my way of saying the best Vimeo account ever.

It’s called Said_Energizer. Let’s watch:

2 Days with AnnaBella (by Said Energizer) from said_energizer on Vimeo.

All I know is that it’s some guy from the Ukraine filming sexy Ukrainian girls doing sexy things. I don’t know if they’re commercials, music videos, or just softcore porn. There’s no information on Said_Energizer. That’s partly why I’m posting his videos. I need to know what’s going on with Said_Energizer.

Who does this guy think he is running the sexiest Vimeo ever?

Ok, let’s watch some more videos.  

Stop this Madness (by Said Energizer) from said_energizer on Vimeo.

I Am #CandyGirl: Polina D. (Director: Said Energizer) from said_energizer on Vimeo.

I Am #CandyGirl: Nataly G. (Director: Said Energizer) from said_energizer on Vimeo.

Like…is he just running the sexiest Vimeo ever as a hobby?

I don’t understand.

But then again, what is there to understand? These videos are great. Said_Energizer is the sexiest Vimeo account ever.

All I know is that I want a piece of this sweet, sweet pie. If anyone has any information about Said_Energizer, please let me know what’s up!

I can’t promise anything but I think maybe we could work together?

Just an idea…

His use of crop-tops is incredible. I think we’d get along great as two crop-top lovers.

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Published on: July 15, 2013

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