There’s a Better Female Condom Coming You Lazy Bastards

Female condoms are a relatively new and experimental thing, but they’re slowly but surely being rolled onto the market, which is probably good news for all of you lazy/stupid dudes out there who can’t be bothered to spend 10 seconds to open up a condom and put it on their dicks.

The article in question basically re-iterates what I just said:

Many men just refuse to use condoms, so if a woman’s partner refuses to use a condom or complains about a condom, she can say I’ll use one,” Herbenick says. “It provides a female-initiated or a female-controlled option.”

The problem with female condoms in their current state is that they’re pretty unwieldy.  They don’t fit very well.  They’re probably pretty uncomfortable to wear, especially since they’ve been described as ‘baggy’ and ‘big.’  That sounds terrible.

The project is funded by the Gates foundation, which works to promote and fund world health initiatives.

Listen, this is a good/great thing.  The more viable contraceptive products there are on the market, the better.  I get that some guys don’t like using condoms.  Hell, I don’t even like using them.  But I do.  Because you HAVE to, especially if your partner isn’t using some other form of contraceptive, and probably even if they are.

According to the study, less than 1% of the condoms in the world are female condoms.  That’s a massive problem, because it takes a lot of the power out of the woman’s hands.  A woman should have equal rights to safe, cheap contraceptives that a man does.  Going on birth control ain’t cheap, and isn’t accessible for many women.

So Indiana University, good luck.  I hope that you can get something viable out on the market, and that we can stop relying on skeezy dudes to spend the time tossing on a condom in the heat of the moment.

I mean, if you got a sexy lady to help you put on a condom, then why you even complaining in the first place?