Top 10 Babes of Mad Men

MAD MEN is back this Sunday for its seventh and final season.

I’ve watched Mad Men since the first season aired and my interest in the show has been waining with every passing season. I’m not sure why. It’s still pretty good I guess. Just watching it isn’t as exciting as it used to be. It feels more like a commitment, something I have to do rather than something I’m excited to watch.

If you ask me, six seasons is plenty of Mad Men, especially because season six was kind of a stinker. Even though I watched every single episode, I don’t remember a GD thing that happened.

Well that’s not true…Don Draper was going to move to California, but then decided to stay in NYC, and then he was asked to take a leave of absence. Then we saw Peggy in Don’s office, wearing the pants. Literally, she was wearing pants! OMG 1960’s woman in pants! So crazy! Also Pete smoked weed one time and that was cool.

So I remember a few things from season six. Other than Pete smoking weed, the only things I remember all happened in the last few minutes of the season six’s last episode. Because Mad Men season six was so unmemorable, I worry about the quality of Mad Men season seven. Hopefully Mad Men‘s season seven is a lot like season three of The Wire. And what I mean by that is, after a tedious and unmemorable batch of episodes, the show returns to form and knocks our socks off.

It probably will because Mad Men season 7 is doing what all self-important TV shows do nowadays, splitting the final season in two. Of Mad Men season 7’s 14 total episodes, there will be 7 episodes of season 7 airing this Spring and the final 7 episodes airing in early 2015. Fingers crossed that the hiatus in between will ensure that they wrap up the show in a satisfying way.

No matter the direction Mad Men season 7 takes, everyone’s going to be disappointed because that’s just how people react to TV shows ending. The audience becomes so attached to the characters that no matter what happens, everyone is pissed off.

So instead of speculation what twists and turns and ultimate disappointments Mad Men season 7 may have for us, I’d prefer to spend our time reminding ourselves of the TOP 10 HOTTEST BABES OF MAD MEN. So let’s check them out, shall we?

10. Jessica Pare (Megan Draper)

Jessica Pare is a very sexy lady and it pains we to have to put her at number 10. But ultimately, she’s Canadian. And her Canadianess forces me to list her at #10.

9. Sunny Mabrey (Shelley The Stewardess)

Sunny Mabrey was only in the show for a split second as a sexy stewardess Don hooks up with. Regardless of her short stint of the show, a beautiful blonde like Sunny Mabrey in a stewardess outfit will always have a place in our hearts.

8. Caity Lotz (Stephanie)

You may remember Caity Lotz as Stephanie, Anna Draper’s hot niece. Unfortunately, she hasn’t been in the show since season 4. If she doesn’t make an appearance in season 7, I will lose hope for all humanity.

7. Abigail Spencer (Suzanne Farrell)

She and Don had a brief affair, which was crazy because she was either Sally or Bobby’s teacher. Just the idea of having a teacher as good looking as Abigail Spencer made me feel all kinds of strange.

6. Alexis Bledel (Beth Dawes)

If I’m not mistaken, Alexis Bledel’s storyline didn’t really go anywhere. Maybe her presence helped ruin Pete and Trudy’s marriage, but that was doomed from the beginning because Pete’s always been a scumbag. Despite the fact that her character wasn’t all that interesting, Alexis Bledel is very easy on the eyes and showing up to an office in nothing but a fur coat and panties should be something we all fantasize about. Thank you Alexis Bledel for showing up to SCDP in just a fur coat and panties. I don’t care if it was just a dream, it’s still super hot.

5. Linda Cardellini (Sylvia Rosen)

Ever since Freaks and Geeks, I’ve always had a thing for Linda Cardellini. So when she turned up on Mad Men last season, still gorgeous as ever but with some MILF-y flair, y’all know I was all about it.

4. Peyton List (Jane Sterling)

Roger Sterling probably made a mistake marrying Peyton List’s Jane character, but honestly if you were an old dude and a babe this hot was into you, why wouldn’t lock that down? Peyton List, fine as hell.

3. Alison Brie (Trudy Campbell)

Alison Brie is probably done with Mad Men but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s one of Hollywood’s finest women.

2. January Jones (Betty Draper/Francis)

Everyone always says that January Jones is total bitch in real life. That may be, but that doesn’t change the fact that she’s absolutely stunning looking on Mad Men. Even when she gained all that weight, I was like, “Damn girl. Get at me.”

1. Christina Hendricks (Joan Harris/Holloway)

Christina Hendrick’s Joan Harris has risen in the ranks over the course of the show, but her curvy figure will always embody the perfect secretary. Honestly, my only hope for Mad Men season 7 is that things work out for Joan because she’s always been the best character. Am I biased because of Christina Hendricks’s busty body and sex appeal? Yes. But so are all of you.

Plus, let’s never forget that time Christina Hendricks leaked pictures of her boobs…


Now please excuse me, I have to go hire a Christina Hendricks look-a-like to be my secretary.

Don’t forget to watch Mad Men this Sunday!

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