Top 10 Things You Need On New Year’s Eve


2014! Let’s do this!

Are you guys ready to party?

I am.

But before you start partying, you need to review this Top 10. This Top 10 is the Top 10 Things You Need On New Year’s Eve. If you’re without any of them, please cancel your New Year’s Eve because it’s going to be totally dehype. Or you can go acquire them before everything closes and party time begins. 

10. Balloons

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9. Cocktails

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8. Beer

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7. Whiskey

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6. Red wine

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5. Champagne

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4. A watch (you don’t want to miss the countdown!)

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3. Masks (if you’re going to a masquerade)

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2. Condoms!

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Oh yeah!

New Year’s Eve gonna be great!

Have fun and be safe!

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