Top 7 Hottest Things a Girl Does During Sex

And I mean besides the obvious BJ/eating out, HJ/fingering and basically just letting you have sex with them.

  1. Moan
    The over the top fake kind doesn’t exactly work for me, but hearing a girl moan during sex or make any kind of pleasurable noise is such a turn on because it’s a confirmation she’s enjoying herself. (And that’s a hell of an ego boost)

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  2. Suck on your finger
    I guess it’s because of the anticipation of what this means, but man, when a girl sucks on my finger I can barely contain myself.
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  3. Giggle
    Moans are #1 on this list but the giggle during sex almost ties, I’m not going to lie. It’s just plain adorable.

  4. Take control
    I like to be in control in bed usually, but a good playful struggle for control is fun and usually comes with some giggles too.

  5. Arch her back
    I can’t even justify why this is sexy. But it is.

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  6. Bite or scratch at you while you’re fucking her
    Not for everyone, but most people I’ve talked to have found this incredibly arousing. I guess it’s the same appeal hickeys have, they not only feel painfully good but it’s like marking territory. Everyone will definitely now know what you did last night.
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  7. Wearing your clothes after sex
    Okay this technically shouldn’t be on the list because it doesn’t happen during sex, but to me it definitely calls for round two when I see her wearing one of my t-shirts later.
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I’m absolutely sure there are a tons more where this came from. Does anybody have any to contribute?

-Red Velvet

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  • Malibu9001

    Dirty talk always turns me on too. My girl is normally pretty clean spoken, but if she ever lets a bad word out while we’re doing it I know she’s feeling good. Same concept as the moaning you described.

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  • DirtyDirk

    Obviously this list is subjective. Here’s mine (in no particular order).

    1. Sucking on her/your fingers after they’ve been in her
    2. Announcing when she’s “about to cum”
    3. Wearing thigh high stockings and a garter belt
    4. Telling you where she wants you to cum
    5. Obviously when she invites another girlfriend
    6. When she cums with a toy while giving you a bj
    7. Talking dirty

  • Stephanie

    My boyfriend loves for me to tell him every intimate detail of when I had sex with other men. He cums almost as soon as I start talking about them, he makes sure I get off too :<)

  • Natali Sharma

    My Boyfirend is too hot turns me on, i am specially enjoying with him much crazy about sex