Try This Sex Position: The Ballet Dancer


The Ballet Dancer

Hey! If you’re going to be having sex sometime this week, I have a new sex position you should all try.

It’s called The Ballet Dancer¬†sex position.

Are you ready to find out everything you need to know to try this sex position? Ok, well then let’s get started!¬†

The beauty of the Ballet Dancer sex position is that it allows you to easily have sex face to face while standing up and it’s so simple!

First, stand facing your partner.

Then it’s up to the ladies to lift one of their legs (preferably your non-dominant leg so that you’re more stable) and wrap it around their man’s buttocks and thigh. This slight raise and wrap of the leg should allow easy penetration.

Guys, it’s up to you to support your lady since she’s only standing on one leg. Make sure you hold her by either the leg that’s wrapped around you, her butt, her hips or the small of her back.

Ladies, if you’re flexible enough, try resting the leg you would wrap around your man’s waist on his shoulders. Not only is showing off your flexibility a very sexy thing to do during sex, it also allows for deeper penetration.

The Ballet Dancer sex position is perfect for sex in tight quarters. That means fitting rooms, the shower, anywhere in public where you might have a quickie.

If you find that you can’t keep your balance or your leg is getting too tired, ladies just turn around and resume having sex in the standing doggystyle sex position:

Standing Doggystyle

Standing Doggystyle

Except with your feet on the ground instead of kneeling on a bed.

Good luck everyone! Make sure you share your thoughts about the Ballet Dancer sex position in the comments.


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Published on: November 19, 2013

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