Try This Sex Position: O Holy Night (Holiday Edition)


Fall on your knees…just like the song O Holy Night

It’s Christmas Eve! That means you only have one more day to try these holiday sex positions.

So everyone find a sexual partner and try the O Holy Night sex position.

Here’s how this one is done…

Just like the Christmas carol that shares a name with this sex position, I command thee (the men) to fall on your knees. However, instead of hearing angelic voices, you’re going to receive sexual pleasure.

Now that you men are on both of your knees, it’s the woman’s turn to get on one knee and wrap her other leg around the man’s back. For added support, wrap your arms around your man and get him to hold you by the butt.

And that’s it! Penetrate the vagina with the penis and you’ve completed the O Holy Night sex position.

If you have bad knees, please don’t try this sex position.

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Published on: December 24, 2013

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