Try This Sex Position: The Ornament (Holiday Edition)


The Ornament

There’s nothing going on because it’s Christmas. So to stave off Christmas boredom, I’d have some Christmas-themed sex positions for you to try.

This Christmas, try The Ornament sex position. 

First thing you need to The Ornament is a chin-up bar and a stool. If you don’t have either, go acquire them now!

Now that you have your chin-up bar and stool, it’s up to the men to hold on to the chin-up bar while standing on the stool.

Once your man is “hanging” like an “ornament”, ladies need to wrap your arms around your man’s neck/shoulder with your legs spread and dangling so that he can enter your vagina.

Of course, The Ornament sex position requires a lot of core and upper-body strength for both men and women for it to be done successfully. So if you’re finding this position too strenuous, don’t be discouraged!

Just hit the gym you fat slob!

Just switch to a low-impact sex position like the cowgirl sex position!


Cowgirl sex position

If you find that The Ornament sex position isn’t challenging enough for you, ditch the stool and try The Ornament sex position hanging with your lady hanging off of you. That’ll be a workout.

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Published on: December 20, 2013

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