Try This Sex Position: Sleigh Ride (Holiday Edition)


The Sleigh Ride

Christmas is great BUT IT IS BORING.

To help stave off the Christmas boredom, I have a new festive sex position for you all to try. It’s called The Sleigh Ride sex position and here’s how it’s done. 

First thing, get your rocking chair. If you don’t have a rocking chair, go get a rocking chair because those things are fucking pimp.

Now that you have your rocking chair, ladies put your knees on the seat so that your hips rest on the edge and your shins are on the back. Put your forearms out and rest on them for support. It’s kind of like a push-up but balancing on a rocking chair.

Men, get in a push-up position on the rocking chair over your lady.

Though you might need to strong in the upper body area to sustain this position, that’s the jist of The Sleigh Ride sex position. Thankfully, the rocking chair will give you a burst of momentum whenever you thrust thus stimulating the G-spot with more intensity.

If your arms get tired or you just don’t want to ruin your rocking chair, switch to the traditional doggy style sex position.

Doggy style sex position

Doggy style sex position

Good luck everyone and Murray Chistmas!

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Published on: December 22, 2013

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