Try This Sex Position: The Stocking Stuffer (Holiday Edition)


The Stocking Stuffer

You know I love Christmas and I always will. But let’s face it, Christmas can be pretty boring at times. That’s why I have some festive sex positions for you to try to stave off that Christmas boredom.

This Christmas, try The Stocking Stuffer sex position. 

To do The Stocking Stuffer sex position, ladies lie on your backs with your legs up in the air. Try to get your legs as close to your chest as possible. It’ll be important for the next step.

Now that the ladies are on their backs with their legs as close to their chests as possible, men straddle your lady’s hips facing the opposite direction like you were 69ing. Now lean forward, rest your weight on your forearms, and put your erect penis into the lady’s vagina.

And that’s it! Now the stocking (vagina) is being stuffed (by your penis)!

The Stocking Stuffer isn’t an overly complicated sex position but it can be strenuous after a while for both parties. I don’t know if you’ve ever held your legs close to your chest or supported your weight on your forearms for an extended period of time, but it’s not easy. At least this sex position allows for deep, unusual penetration so the likelihood that you last for a long time is low.

If your arms or legs are getting too tired from attempting The Stocking Stuffer sex position, flip over and switch to the reverse cowgirl sex position:


Reverse Cowgirl Sex Position

Good luck everyone and make sure you share your experiences of trying the The Stocking Stuffer sex position in the comments!


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Published on: December 21, 2013

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