Try This Sex Position: The X Position


The X Position

FINALLY! After another long, unintentional hiatus, Try This Sex Position is back with a brand new sex position for you to try.

This weekend, the sex position we’re going to try is the X Position.

So how does one do the X Position sex position? 

First, sit on the bed facing each other with your legs forward.

Guys, lift your right leg over her left leg while ladies you lift your right leg over his left leg.

Once you’ve got your legs all intertwined, come together and being vaginal penetration.

Now that you’re inside, both of you need to lie back with your legs forming an X (hence why it’s called the X position).

This sex position won’t allow you to do conventional thrusting unless you’re some kind of crazy athlete. Instead of thrusting, you need to slowly and leisure gyration.

If gyrating isn’t doing the trick, feel free to reach out or sit up to grab hold of your partners hips and pull them in for pelvic thrusting.

The X Position sex position is good for slow, sensual sex that builds arousal. So that may not be what you’re in the mood for this weekend. If you’re looking for something a little rougher and with intense thrusting, I recommend switching to good old fashioned doggystyle sex position:

Doggystyle sex position

Doggystyle sex position

Good luck trying the X Position sex position everyone!

Please share your thoughts on this sex position in the comments.

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Published on: November 9, 2013

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