Try These Summer Sex Positions!

As temperatures rise across the country, sex gets sweatier and somewhat uncomfortable. It’s hard to feel sexy when your skin is all sticky from humidity and it only gets worse when intertwined with your lover’s body. But should the high temperatures stop us from having amazing sex? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

That’s why today, I’m going to tell you about some hot weather sex positions so that you can have amazing sex without succumbing to heat stroke. Get ready to try these summer sex positions!


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No pool? No A/C? NO PROBLEM!

First, fill your bathtub with comfortably cool water. Then ladies, face the faucet and kneel down in the water. With the cool water still running from the faucet, inch your way up to the stream and grab both sides of the bathtub for balance. Once ladies have assumed this position, guys slide in behind your lady and enter her from behind. As the man thrusts, ladies guide the running water with your hand to your crotch and legs to keep cool.


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Place a fan at the head of your bed, aiming it downwards so that a breeze is cooling the bed (or couch, or desk, whatever suits your fancy). Then lay your man down on his back. Once he’s lying down, climb on top of him and fill yourself with his member. Instead of the usual riding motion you’d do in the cowgirl sex position, just swivel your hips around in a circle as if you were hula hooping. You won’t heat up as much because the motion is minimal, but your arousal will be through the roof.


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Missionary sex without getting too hot and sticky? YES! Start in the missionary position. Guys, once you’ve entered your lady in the missionary position, move about two inches higher so that your pelvis is in-line with hers. Guys, rock back and forth while ladies, you thrust your pelvis upward, keeping in sync with him, so your clitoris is hitting his penis’s base. The distance between you will keep you from overheating…until the explosive orgasm arrives. Then you’re going to get real hot.


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Imagine if your two favorite sex positions, doggy style and the spoon, came together for one incredible sex position that was perfect for hot weather because it minimizes full body contact. Well, it’s not just a crazy dream…it’s a reality! And it’s called the Linguini sex position. Ladies, start by lying on your side. Guys, kneel directly behind your lady’s butt, leaning ever-so slightly over her body. Then guys, push one of your knees between your lady’s legs, positioning your body so you can penetrate her. Place one hand on her back for support and have at it!


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Place a fan at your feet, facing upwards towards so that the cool air flows to the two of you seated in the chair. Guys, find a tall-backed chair, pad it with pillows, and sit down. Ladies must now give the penis an erection either by engaging in some oral sex or grinding on your man, giving him a lap dance. Once the penis is hard, ladies straddle the penis and lean back, placing your hands on his kness for support. Extend your legs, one at a time, until your ankles are resting on your man’s corresponding shoulders (your left ankle goes on his right shoulder and your right ankle goes on his left shoulder, make sense?). Pump your booty back and forth until your sensuous moaning drowns out the sounds of the fan.


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Ladies, bend over the side of your bed so that your breasts and stomach are flat on the bed while your feet are on the floor, legs spread comfortably. Guys, now get ready to penetrate from behind. But before you do, lift up your lady’s legs from just above the knees. With your lady’s legs elevated and holding them apart, begin thrusting away and enjoy this amazing sex position while simultaneously beating the heat.


Alright guys, these summer time, beat the heat sex positions should keep you busy for the next few days.

Stay cool!

Love from your friend,

Chispy Disty.

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I <3 Summer!

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