Try This Sex Position: Pole Position

sex position pole position

Pole Position

Every Friday on the Blog, we like to encourage sexual discovery on the weekends by giving you a new sex position to try every weekend.

It’s a feature we like to call Try This Sex Position and this weekend you’re all going to try The Pole Position sex position.

Alright, here’s what you need to do to accomplish the Pole Position sex position.  

First, guys lay on your back with one leg extended and one leg bent so that your knee is up. It doesn’t matter which leg is extended or bent in this sex position, do whatever feels natural.

Ladies, straddle the bent knee of your man and mount his erect penis. You’ll want to be at a 45 degree angle. Not directly facing away from him and not perfectly perpendicular from him either. Let the bended knee be your guide in this sex position. Think of it as your sex pole. Use the knee as support while rocking up and down on your man.

This sex position is great for guys because there’s a lot of good visual stimulation. You can good looks of the front and the back. And ladies, try rubbing your vulva against your man’s thigh as desired for orgasmic results.

If you and your partner are in to anal fingering, this is a great sex position for a mutual massaging.

If at any time the pole position sex position is too pleasurable, not pleasurable enough, or your leg is tired because your woman’s been using it to ride your dick so hard, switch to the reverse cowgirl sex position immediately!

sex position reserve cowgirl

Reserve Cowgirl

Good luck everyone and remember to share your experiences of attempting the pole position sex position in the comments.

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Published on: May 17, 2013

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