Twerkin With Caitlin Wynters

Caitlin Wynters boobs

Caitlin Wynters

If you’re not twerkin already, then you’re missing out.

Twerkin is a dance found mostly in the clubs where honeys be shaking they hips and making they asses bounce like crazy. That’s all you need to know. Asses be bouncing.

Thankfully, FHM has enlisted the help of super sexy babe Caitlin Wynters to show us all what you need to do to be twerkin proper.

Even if you’re a seasoned twerker, you should watch Caitlin Wynters twerk because she’s sexy and twerkin is sexy. Sexy + sexy = Everybody having good time.


Wasn’t watching Caitlin Wynters twerk a good idea?

But seriously, FHM…what’s up with this quality? Why did Caitlin Wynters have to webcam her twerk?

I’m happy that she’s an exceptional twerker, but we need to see that ass shake in some HD quality.

If I was producing an instructional twerk video starring a foxy babe like Caitlin Wynters, HD quality would a must. I would also not have any voiceover and have the video play on an infinite loop.

I guess what I’m describing is a Caitlin Wynters twerk GIF.

Somebody get working on it.



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Published on: August 2, 2013

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