Twistys Treat Of The Year Controversy Explained


Who’s the real runner-up?

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But seriously, if you read the Blog every day, you know that Nicole Aniston is Twistys Treat of the Year 2014. You also know that Madison Ivy is the Twistys Treat of the Year 2014 runner-up…or is she?

According to The Real Porn Wikileaks, the Twistys forums were buzzing with comments about irregularities in this year’s vote. In previous years, the winner and runner-up were revealed almost immediately after the voting ended. This year, the winner and runner-up weren’t announced until last Friday, a month after the voting had closed.

In a written post (that’s now been deleted), former* Twistys production manager, Rob, stated that Nicole Aniston had won the contest, and Vanessa Veracruz was runner-up. Not Madison Ivy. 

Word is that Madison Ivy finished fifth in the voting, behind Vanessa Veracruz, Elle Alexandra, and Sophia Knight. Yet that didn’t stop Twistys from changing the results to make Madison Ivy runner-up instead.


Is it just me or does Vanessa Veracruz look weird in this pic?

*Rob quit Twistys last week, citing the Treat voting controversy as the reason for his departure. He stood up for Vanessa.

Sources from Twistys claim that Madison Ivy had been selected for the shoot in Costa way before voting even began. Why Madison Ivy?

Personally, I’ve never understood her appeal. She kind of reminds of an alien that came to earth to get fake tits and eat human flesh, but other people seem to like her.

Madison Ivy has the most Twitter followers out of all the nominees for Twistys Treat of the Year and she’s signed to an exclusive contract with MindGeek, Twisty’s parent company that also owns Brazzers,, Pornhub, etc. Because she’s already under contract, MindGeek felt that sending Madison Ivy to Costa Rica would be more cost effective and her larger fan base would translate into more sales for the site.

Now, I don’t condone the rigging of the vote, but I do sympathize with Twistys from a business perspective because no one pays for porn and any opportunity they have to bring in revenue needs to be pursued. But why even have a vote in the first place if they knew Madison Ivy was going to Costa Rica all along? Potential future revenues are enticing but turning your back on your fans and talent is real stupid.

Fans and models are upset by this deception, but what really irks the models is that they feel Twistys is turning their back on their girl/girl and solo erotica identity.

“Twistys has been my favorite company for my entire career. And now they have no love for their Gg-only performers,” is just one of many frustrated comments Elle Alexandra wrote in the Twistys forum before the thread was deleted. Elle was scheduled to shoot with Twistys last Saturday and it was coincidentally cancelled. Weird. I wonder why?

“It upsets me because I love the site.There’s a certain class to it,” Vanessa Veracruz told the Real Porn Wikileaks. “It’s upsetting that they insisted on a boy/girl performer when their site is built on girl/girl and solo glamour.”

2011 Twistys Treat of the Year Emily Addison adds,

They apparently have a new idiot running the show over at Twistys. He doesn’t like solo sets or g/g. It seems he wants to push Twistys to being a harder site. but why? They already have Brazzers. Vanessa did win fair & square the TOTY Runner-up. What a fucking scandal!

I feel bad for Madison being in the middle of this. I’m sure it is all a way to cut costs. Way to go Mind Geek, or whatever you call yourself now, your new buffoon is going to be the end of Twistys. The members don’t deserve to be treated like this. Vanessa definitely didn’t deserve to be crushed like that. And Madison doesn’t deserve to be in the uncomfortable ‘fake winner’ circle… I will never shoot for the site again or anyone else affiliated with Manwin/MindGeek. Disgusting. Shame on you.

Emily Addison, along with the other girl-girl models that feel slighted by Twistys are now calling for a boycott of the site.


Alexandra says, “I went on hiatus in July, and when I came back this month, Twistys was one of the few companies I wanted to work for. I’ve shot for Twistys since I was 19 , but I won’t again because they obviously don’t respect me because I’m a girl/girl performer.”

I’d like to take a moment from writing about this controversy to say to Elle that I respect you and though I don’t have any camera equipment or knowledge of how to use it, I would gladly shoot you (not like with a gun or something but with a camera) any time you want. Anyways...

Will all your favorite girl-girl and glamor models boycotting Twistys affect the site? Probably not. As a MindGeek property, they have lots of money and I doubt that they will have any problems with booking up and coming new girls or shifting their focus from glamor to hardcore. However, I would like to see these shunned Twistys models come together to start their own brand because they are all gorgeous and everyone loves their photos.

Who wouldn’t want to be a part of a site run by babes like…

Vanessa Veracruz

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Elle Alexandra

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Emily Addison

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Of course, who knows if that idea is a feasible one but I’d super excited if they took matters into their own hands and created a site that ensured quality content of their genre with no vote-rigging.

As of right now, Twistys is busy banning the models and customers who have expressed their outrage towards the rigged contest. Internet censorship? Not cool. Worse yet, Twistys is allegedly blocking members cancelling their subscriptions in an effort to show solidarity with the models.

So yeah, Twistys fucked up big time by choosing to bank on the potential revenues Madison Ivy might bring in rather than accepting the results of the vote.

In the end, I really hope that the babes that feel slighted by what Twistys actions seize this opportunity to start their own brand because after being jerked around like this, they should take matter into their own hands and have more control other their careers. But who knows.

Point is, if you feel the models were wronged, support them by boycotting Twistys. If all you want to see is new Madison Ivy pictures and videos, then join Twistys. I don’t give a care what the hell you do with this information, as long as you know about it.

Now please excuse me, I need to go get a bank loan so that I can fly Elle, Emily, and Vanessa to Costa Rica for a sick photo shoot/sexy vacation.

In the meantime, vote!

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