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Jenna Haze hasn’t shot a porn scene since 2011, yet three years later she’s still one of the most popular pornstars on the internet.

Given that the world of internet porn has such a short attention span, always craving new girls, how has this girl managed to stay on top? Not only stay on stop but have a fan base that’s been growing consistently? Well, I have one theory…



jenna haze

Jenna Haze! So hot!

To give you an idea of how awesome Jenna Haze is, let me tell you about what happened during her first ever porn video.

The year was 2001. New girl Jenna Haze (spelled “Jenna Hayes” in the scene) was booked for a blowjob scene in The Oral Adventures of Craven Moorehead 8. 

Like most blowjob scenes, Jenna Haze was only supposed to suck a dude’s cock and then take the load. However, once she started blowing her male counterpart, things escalated between them.

Before she knew it, she started fucking him…and his friend!

Yes, Jenna Haze showed up to shoot a blowjob scene and got the men on set so horny that a MFF threesome erupted.

You can watch the scene I’m describing right here: Jenna Haze’s debut blowjob scene turns into a MFF threesome.

Now, you probably already thought she was hot, but how can you not think she’s EVEN hotter after reading that story?

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Yes, Jenna Haze was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of performer. The way she would do things just blows all her peers out of the water. It’s a damn shame that Jenna isn’t making new porn movies anymore because she was raw sex appeal combined with a natural talent for performing.


But there is good news! While you won’t see a new Jenna Haze porn, you can bring home Jenna Haze’s pussy and ass! And when you do, you can fuck either hole whenever you want courtesy of Fleshlight!

jenna haze fleshlight

Jenna Haze with her new Fleshlight

Yesterday, Fleshlight announced that they were launching two new exclusive Jenna Haze texture sleeves: Obsession & Lust.

Obsession is molded after Jenna Haze’s obsession-worthy pussy.

It features packed bristles that tighten the deeper you go, enhancing your pleasure with every thrust. If you’re obsessed with porn superstar, you need to get this Fleshlight for the sake of your own sanity.

There’s no cure for a Jenna Haze obsession, but you can ease the urges with Jenna’s Obsession Fleshlight.

Meanwhile, Lust is molded after Jenna Haze’s world-famous ass.

The Lust sleeve’s entrance is ever-so-tight, much like the ass that inspired it, and tightens the deeper you penetrate it. It is simply the realest, simulated anal sex you’ll ever have. Plus, the lining is ribbed, which doubles the fun of using the Fleshlight.

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jenna haze fleshlight

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